Gone are the days when politicians and oil tycoons were most sought after by burglars. Probably because of the improvement  in their security coupled with them having armed escorts.

Now it seems entertainers are the victims of choice for the men of the night.

Since the beginning of 2015, the rate at which entertainers have been mugged both home and abroad has been increasing steadily.

Most of our celebs are not even safe in their motherland, as well as those who have been victims abroad.

Thenetng presents a list of 16 Nigerian celebs that have been robbed so far in the last 18 months.

1. Designer Olakunbi Oyelese – April by Kunbi

Kunbi Oyelese

Location: CMS, Lagos

Date: January 8, 2015 between 3 and 4pm

Items lost: N500, car damaged, injuries


‘Sooo I wasn’t going to put this out here but I spoke to a few people recently that have had or heard of a similar experience.

‘Years ago we felt safe enough driving in Lagos as long as your windows were up and you’re locked in the car… Even the people with no ac in their cars would sweat it out, literally.



Nollywood actress, Tope Osoba


Location: Unity Drive, Badore, Ajah Lagos

Date: Wednesday, January 20, 2015

Item lost: Blue Toyota Highlander

Tale: Tope Osoba’s car got stolen – a Toyota Highlander with the license no GGE108AP, sky blue in colour – at her residence in Ajah, Lagos.


Rapper, CDQ


Location: Lagos

Date: April 2015

Items lost: Jewelry, laptop, cash and his car was damaged

Tale: People bad sha… Broke ma glass, took my laptop, jewelries and cash overnight …just few days to ma b.day! smh.

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Former Rhythm FM OAPIphie Aggrey-Fynn


Location: Aba-Port Harcourt expressway, Nigeria

Date: Tuesday June 2, 2015

Item lost: Her life

Tale:  Reports claim that the Ghanaian-born OAP with Rhythm 93.7FM Port Harcourt had gone to see her parents in Aba and was on her way back to Port Harcourt when the bus she boarded was attacked by armed robbers and was shot dead.

NET confirmed she attended a wedding before heading back to PH.


Singer, Jaywon


Location: Lagos

Date: August 9, 2015

Items lost: Money, identification cards and more

Tale: Narrating the incident, popular show promoter, Alex Ozone who was with the Nigerian singer at the time of the attack, wrote: ‘That’s how those boys robbed me, Jaywonand our friends with heavy guns and matchetes last night on our way from an event of all our valuables and vital documents but above all we thank God for our lives even though we still have very serious injuries.this street is very rough and tough mehn but we still gonna survive.
BTW: wetin dey pain me Now Na my ATM, drivers license Wi-Fi and some identity cards that they collectd which I know they will never use!!!. Life matters and life goes on… Thank you Jesus!!’


Rising rapper, Big Sheff


Location: Gani Fawehinmi Park, Ojota, Lagos

Date: Friday September 4, 2015

Items lost: Damage to car, no life lost

Tale: Narrating the ordeal to NET, Big Sheff said, ‘I was out with the family (my sister and her husband). We were going for a family friends birthday dinner. There was traffic at that Gani Faweyimi park Ojota, then i noticed a guy was walking past as people walk about on a regular in Naija traffic and he came back and the next thing like 8 guys came out and one of the guys put a device on the window to weaken it or crack it (I don’t even know) and then used the handle of the gun smash the window and another guy was doing the exact same thing to the back window.

Big Sheef car


Cinematographer, Unlimited LA

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unlimited la

Location: Marriot Hotels in New York

Date: September 2015

Items lost: Macbook Pro laptop, two 2TB hard drives, $4,500 (about N1m), cash, camera, lenses, clothes, jewelry and his international passport

Tale: Recounting the ordeal exclusively to NET, Unlimited LA, said, ‘My bags mysteriously disappeared from my hotel room, and it contained my Macbook Pro laptop, two 2TB hard drives, $4,500 (about N1m), cash, camera, lenses, clothes, jewelry and my international passport’.

Asked if the hotel management or the NEA organisers did anything to help him, he said,‘Nobody did anything for me o, they were just saying sorry sorry’.

With the loss of his computer and hard drives, we asked if he lost any unreleased musicvideos on the hard drives, and he said, ‘Yes, I lost a lot of materials, but the good thing is I had back ups for all the files, so it’s fine’.


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