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After 20 Years, “Inside Out With Agatha” Gets New Host

After months of searching the length of Nigeria, Sandra Eze emerged

Popular long-running television show, Inside Out With Agatha gets a new host.

The show, after twenty years of having Agatha Amata has its host is set to have a new face, Sandra Eze.

Amata while talking about the decision of having a new host for the show said, “I am scared but there is this saying that ‘Do it when you are scared’.

“I believe in what Agatha has achieved and I strongly believe that if Agatha can do it then I can do it, yes I feel pressured and some other things but I strongly believe when you take the first step and the other, it gets better,” she said.

Agatha Amata and Sandra Eze

After months of searching the length of Nigeria, Sandra Eze emerged as the one most fit for the job.

“I am not sure what I did but I think I was just pretty much myself, my stubborn, quiet, inquisitive self,” Amata noted.

On why she decided it was time to step aside, she added, “I found out that I was losing touch with what was happening and I wasn’t communicating well with the youth on their level, so I knew it was time to move on.”

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  1. I feel so Nostalgic reading this.

    I grew up watching that show and i watched how the host Agatha literally anchored the show so perfectly well, from when she was slim and younger to when she added a couple of weight (good weight tho) etc.

    It was a great show! and i hope this new host takes it to greater heights.

    Its being couple of years i watched it last anyway, but it is damn still fresh in my mind.

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