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5 Things Dorcas Shola Fapson Needs To Learn Before She Starts Vlogging


So, MTV Shuga star Dorcas Shola Fapson debuted her vlog on Thursday, February 4, 2016.

The fast-rising UK-based actress in the 17-minute long vlog listed 50 random things about herself. Dorcas Shola Fapson intends to drop two videos each week for the next five weeks and even though she claims she’s still learning how to self-tape and get used to the vlogging thingy, here are 5 things we learned she needs to learn/note before she starts vlogging.

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  1. Light up your bedroom. How can you light up your face that much but refuse to light up your room? We could barely see anything.
  2. 17 minutes is an eternity when you’re just going on and on about yourself. That’s always the wahala with most of these vloggers. They think the more the better when the exact opposite is the truth. Who’s got time for 17 minutes of an action-starved visual content when there are a billion other videos battling for attention on the same platform? 5-10 minutes tops and let’s all go home.
  3.  Did it really have to be 50 things? We’ll just ignore your initial statement about it being your vlog after all and whoever isn’t okay with you listing 50 things about yourself being free to gerrarahia (the addition of the original clip didn’t quite work out). Truth is, you want it to be popular. You need views. So, what shall it profit a Fapson when people begin watching but take a walk somewhere in the middle? We sat through the 50 and guess what? That 50 could easily have been 20. Easily.
  4. The word is CAST, never casted. We heard you say “casted” in the video and we immediately developed a fever. Please don’t do that again. Thank you.
  5. You were guilty of the same crime you asked people not to commit against you. “I HATE being called ‘dear.’ Nigerians particularly have this habit of calling people ‘dear’ and I HATE it,” you said. “…Please don’t call me dear, EVER in life. I really HATE it.” So, imagine how annoying we felt when, 16 minutes into the video, you called us HONEY twice. Really? What makes you think we don’t HATE being called honey? Moral of the story? You may not like being called something, but as long as it’s not derogatory or insulting, move on. Like you rightly pointed out, it’s a Nigerian thing. So, it really isn’t cool saying “don’t call me dear, ever.”

We know you’ll get better at this. You are actually good at what you do and we absolutely loved you on Shuga. So, we’re enthusiastic.

Watch the vlog below:

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