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Asa Is Not Anyone’s Mate, Last Night’s Concert Confirmed It!


As she stood in the spotlight, the sleeves of her impeccable white dress bellowing like wings, Asa looked like a piece of heaven made manifest on a Saturday night; and when the orchestra backing her up played their violins, one could have mistaken the Eko Convention Centre for the courtyard of Paradise, with divine tunes peeling out for God’s enjoyment. If there’s a heaven, there’s no doubt the music will sound like Asa’s.

In one night she showed again why she has to be taken in moderation, lest Nigerians overdose on her. Her AsaEncore was a response to the clamouring for her. Before she did Asa Live In Lagos in 2016, fans had practically begged for her to stop by these parts for a concert. It wasn’t enough and with yesterday’s divine performance, it is almost a given that it will still not be.

The seven artistes who opened for her were said to have been chosen by she herself. It’s not hard to see why: Nonso Bassey, Lindsey Abudei, Tay Iwar, Omolara, Funbi and Aramide are cut from the same special cloth that Asa is.


When she took to stage, her set was a combination of grace, zest and magic. In two hours or so, she took the enchanted audience on a musical and personal journey, interspersing songs with stories of beginnings in France, her acceptance by the Nigerian audience, her experience in places so remote that it surprising that Nigerian music was enjoyed there.

Of course, the packed hall didn’t want the concert to end. The encore show needed an encore. Like the enchantress that she is, Asa asked if it was fun. And then she then she screamed, ‘We’ll do this again next year!’.

We cannot wait for next year to come.


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