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No More Tears – Chris Ihidero’s 3rd Anniversary Tribute to Nollywood Legend Amaka Igwe

My Oga, Ugochinyelu Umuaba, I great you.

Amaka Igwe

I no longer cry for you or for myself; the tears have dried up. I have a feeling it has something to do with constantly hearing you scold me: “Christopher, what do you think you are doing? My friend, will you get back to work!

So, I’m getting there now. There’s been Shuga, there’s been HUSH, there have been others. I keep working.

I keep missing you.

Story Story is now locked down. There’ll be Script Lab, Director’s Cut and Shut Up and Shoot soon.

You keep directing me, I keep listening to your voice in the madness of noontime, in the silence of night time.

I won’t ever not miss you and your giving spirit, but that’s fine; I’m in a good place now, a place of acceptance.

I’m going back to work.

Rest on in amazing glory my teacher, my boss, my big sister, my friend. You are an amazing soul and you continue to be here.

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