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“Cinemas & Premieres Killing Business For Us” – Kannywood Marketers Cry Out

Photo: BBC

Film marketers domiciled in Kano, the hub of Kannywood movies, have complained about the low sales DVDs have evexperienced in Northern parts of the country, blaming it on the rise of cinemas. 

According to the marketers who called for help on Wednesday, movie fans now see most of their favourite films in cinemas instead of patronising them and buying the DVD copies.

Surajo Muktar, a local distributor told NAN:

Hausa movies are now released many months after such movies have shown in cinemas so, when they hit the market, people are no longer keen.

The increasing ‘habit’ of international premieres has also been fingered as part of the reasons for slow sales.

The marketers however agree that the adoption of new strategies would be the difference between their continued stay in the market system and remaining relevant in it.

Another distributor, Falalu Dorayi added:

The cinemas provide an avenue for a producer to get his money at once unlike the local markets that the money comes in bits.

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