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Following Backlash After Revealing Baby Bump, Linda Ikeji Says She Never Asked Ladies Not To Have Sex Before Marriage

Top Nigerian Blogger, Linda Ikeji has been subjected to a lot of criticisms since she made her pregnancy public which took the internet by storm.

The Blogger is in her second trimester but facing backlash after many persons are of the opinion that she didn’t practice celibacy as she had been preaching previously. It was revealed recently by her sisters that Linda who is currently not married, got engaged to a mystery man whom no one has been able to unravel. This pregnancy further confirmed that the blogger had been in involved in sexual intercourse within the period of her celibacy sermons.

But Linda through a detailed post in her Instagram admitted that she indeed had preached celibacy. However, she tried to give clarification on what she meant by her definition of celibacy. According to the top media mogul, her advice was that young girls should not throw themselves at men for money and material gains and that they should have sex only when they are with the right person and that the feelings are 100percent mutual.

See her full post below:

Linda Ikeji addresses the ‘celibacy’ issue.

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