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“Why Hasn’t She Taken Me To Court?” – Filmmaker Nosa Igbinedion Responds To Writer’s Theft Claims


Yesterday, Sunday, September 25, 2016, TNS ran a story about UK-based Nigerian writerMary Okon Ononokpono who, in a series of tweets alleged that filmmaker Nosa Igbinedion stole her story for his upcoming web series, Yemoja: Rise of the Orishas. 

Ononokpono had claimed that she “conceptualized… created… plotted and wrote” the story (which happens to also be the story of her life)” of Yemoja and Igbinedion had gone ahead without giving due credit.

You can see her tweets here.

However, Igbinedion has come out to say that her claims of being robbed are untrue.

Speaking exclusively to TNS, he began, “To be clear I have always maintained that she had co-credit for developing the story. This is on the actual film and I have spoken about this many times in many interviews. To also be clear, she has been credited on the film, you can see it here.”

Where there any verbal or written agreements between the pair? Igbinedion says not at all.

“We were collaborating, which is clear from the nature of her Facebook posts below. So if she is credited and freely collaborated on the project without coercion or force, then what was stolen?

He continued, “When she came back from her disappearance we were already in production. As you can see from the screenshots, she continued to promote me and post about me. Which is weird if she thought I stole from her. Also she continued to send me her work, which is weird again if you think I’m a thief.”

Why then, in his own opinion, did she make those grave allegations? 

I had an interview, where her name wasn’t mentioned. What actually happened was the interviewer removed her name from the write up to save space. She flew into rage and turned on me,” the filmmaker explained.

See Nosa Igbinedion’s response tweets below:

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