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“How To Make TV Writing A Hustle That Works” – Chris Ihidero

'MTV Shuga' Producer Chris Ihidero in the TV Writing Masterclass

At the recently concluded TV Writing Masterclass, Chris Ihidero candidly expressed a number of insightful facts about the industry the actual and aspiring writing participants are looking to engage with.

Here are some top tips about making TV Writing a hustle that works:

  1.       Don’t leave your day job immediately.

The life of a TV Writer – like anything else – will have humble beginnings. It may not sustain your current or intended lifestyle in the beginning, so if you have a day job, don’t leave; and if you don’t have one and you can, get one.

  1.       Realize that TV is nothing like film.

While they are both visual content, the deliveries are different. Film is more visual, almost like a play. TV is like writing a serialized novel. The writing styles and disciplines are thus different. Talent will not be enough here, so leave it at the door. You have to learn the craft.

  1.       Time will happen to us all.

As there will come a time when – if you stay with it and trust the process – you will peak as a TV writer and have all the accolades you want; so, will there be a time when the current ‘kings’ of TV writing will leave the thrones. Time will happen to us all.

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