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Leonardo DiCaprio To testify In $15m “Wolf Of Wall Street” Lawsuit


Leonardo DiCaprio has been ordered by a judge to give testimony in a lawsuit surrounding 2013 comedy The Wolf of Wall Street.

Andrew Greene, a former associate of the film’s subject Jordan Belfort, has claimed that a supporting character, presented as a ‘criminal’ and ‘degenerate’, is loosely based on him. He’s now suing producers, including Paramount Pictures, for $15m (about N530 million).

Wolf of Wall street

The accuser, Andrew Greene, formerly sued in 2014 for more than $50 million, claiming that he was defamed in the film through the portrayal by actor P.J. Byrne of a morally and ethically challenged character named Nicky ‘Rugrat’ Koskoff.

Although Paramount has said Koskoff was a ‘composite character’ inspired by multiple individuals, including Greene.

Although the judge’s order does not say when DiCaprio will be questioned.

The film was nominated for five Academy Awards, including DiCaprio as best actor, Scorsese as best director and writer for the screenplay, but did not win any.


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