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Who Did Nigerian Filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan Offend?


The dearth of quality in Naija Journalism is quite evident to all. However, I never suspected that there were new lows to dig into. I unfortunately opened THISDAY newspaper on Saturday and read this assemblage of filth. In shock, I called my Media Mentor so he could tell me I was having a bad dream but he assured me that I was not dreaming.

A human being woke up and wrote this article and it was approved by another human being for publication.

Here is a quick summary
1. Journalist claims to review THE CEO movie
2. Journalist reviews Kunle Afolayan’s past work and claims Kunle stole from another movie.
3. Journalist notices the soul of a European movie -“Exam” is missing and finds it in Kunle’s movie- “THE CEO”
4. After locating the soul of the European movie, Journalist warns Kunle and others from stealing from movies that he knows about
5. Journalist claims Kunle was sexually abused in his childhood
6. Journalist compares Kunle’s “plagiarism” of foreign movies to the sexual abuse that he claims Kunle suffered.
7. Journalist claims Kunle exchanged his body for sexual favors while he was in the US
8. Journalist reveals what he believes to be an earth-shattering, world-changing, dollar-rising, Trump-killing allegation by claiming Kunle is Gay.
9………………. Ewo, I am tired . Please read the rest of the drivel for yourself if you can.


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