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From Nollywood To Shujaaz: How The internet Is Shaking Up African Entertainment


From the juggernaut that is Nigeria’s Nollywood to the budget action films made in the suburbs of Uganda’s capital, Africa’s entertainment industry is on the rise and constantly innovating.

And thanks in large part to faster and more affordable internet connectivity, it is also breaking free from traditional production and distribution models.

iROKOtv, launched in 2010 by the British-Nigerian entrepreneur Jason Njoku and often described as the Netflix of Africa, offers an online catalogue of several thousand Nollywood films. The streaming service has also been co-producing content since 2013 and a year later began to make original programming through Rok Studios.

“Nollywood fans are the original binge viewers – they’re used to having movies playing all day, every day – it’s part of the noise,” said Njoku.

The Nigerian movie industry produces up to 2,000 titles a year. “With digital means of consuming content, the catalogue they have access to is now larger than ever,” said Njoku, who also sees mobile as a key distribution tool.


Culled from The Guardian

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