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Review: “The Life Of A Nigerian Couple” Is Brilliant & Filled With Perspective



Fresh! This is what comes to mind after seeing The Life of a Nigerian Couple. The perspective, the acting, the narrative; fresh fresh fresh! After seeing it, even you suddenly become fresh. Well, for a while at least.

This very hilarious 2015 short film by Adeola Olukojo tells the story of an intermarried couple, Kofo (Bisola Ayeola) and Emeka (Okey Uzoeshi). Kofo leaves work early one day, goes to the market and gets all the ingredients to prepare a sumptuous meal for her husband. While at it, her husband, Emeka arrives with a meal he bought on his way from work; a soup called Ofeowerri. He is just about to dig in when his wife appears with the meal she’s prepared: Amala, gbegiri and ewedu and bokoto. An argument ensues about what he will eat or not, his wife insisting that she could not have gone through that much stress for him to ditch her meal for a ‘common Igbo soup’. This argument leads them to consult their counsellor who finally helps settle the rift.

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The movie begins and maintains the voice of a really skilled narrator who employs all manner of sarcasm and irony to get his message across. I like how we can also see what is going on in the minds of the two characters. Yes, it’s similar to the concept of the popular TV series ‘Jane the Virgin’, still, it holds its own originality.

The film also doubles as a documentary on Nigerian meals. And it does in a way that neither bores you nor takes away from the story. And I have to state again, that Okey and Bisola are fantastic actors; give those two a medal each.

The Life of a Nigerian Couple is entertaining as it is educating. It is a brilliant piece of work, an absolute delight.

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