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REVIEW: Paul Igwe’s “Dance To My Beat” Is Light-Hearted & Hilarious, Just As Much As It Was Intended



The 2017 film, Dance to my Beat reveals the ridiculous Aso Ebi craze surrounding today’s Nigerian weddings in the most accurate way possible. It could have been renamed ‘Aso Ebi Palava’ and still work, as this is what the entire film is about.

Dance To My Beat

Lami wants a society wedding, even though her fiancé, Raymond, is only a civil servant, and all she does for money is be friends with a crop of influential people and another crop of vain people who would sell their hairs to feel relevant. For her wedding, she wants everything glamorous, and she has the perfect plan for how to arrive at it: the sale of Aso Ebis. She convinces Raymond, who buys into the plan, and they make a killing, enough to rent a house in the choicest parts of Lagos, and buy a fairly used Range Rover.

But their greed is coming back to haunt them. Lami’s committee of friends begin also to sell Aso Ebis in quick succession for even the silliest ceremonies, and three years down the line, not only can Lami and Raymond not afford the luxurious life because of Lami’s unending need to belong, Raymond’s workplace goes on a general strike, and Lami can no longer afford the Aso Ebis.

Dance to my Beat is lighthearted and hilarious. Its subject matter is nothing serious, and you most likely would not get pensive after watching it. Maybe you’ll just giggle a little and go on with your life until the next wedding you’re invited for, and this appears to be the goal of the film in the first place.

Dance To My Beat

It is colourful and packed full of familiar faces and decent acts. Raymond is played by Joseph Benjamin who throws in a consistent Ibo accent that jams your hands together in applause, Lami by Mary Lazarus, Rhoda by Kehinde Bankole and also featuring Ushbebe, Blessing Onwukwe, Uzor Ozimpa, Mary Remmy Njoku with Toyin Abraham.

The movie is produced by Mary Lazarus, written by Isokoh Stanley and directed by Paul Igwe.

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