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Special Feature: Top 5 Nollywood Films Of 2016 So Far


Whew, it’s August already and you’re somehow tempted to wonder how fast the year 2016 seems to be flying – with the exception of two months (side-eye January and July).

We’ve had tons of drama, subs and shades, clap backs and rants, the works. We’ve also had films; the good the bad and the downright fugly but for now we’ll hold on to happy thoughts and concentrate on the good ones.

Here are the top 5 films of 2015 (in no particular order before someone comes for me because of list).

Wives on Strike

A group of women band together to defend one of their own when they find that her thirteen-year-old daughter will be given in marriage to an Alhaji. When the leader of the women tries to get her husband Paul to convince the teenager’s father to change his mind, he declines. The women then decide that as long as their men and the government do nothing about child-brides, they would deny men sex.

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An Omoni Oboli film, Wives on Strike is an enjoyable movie that got cinema audiences laughing to its somewhat exaggerated storyline but about issues and people they could easily relate to, especially when brought to life with good performances from the cast – Ufoma McDermott, Uche Jumbo, Omoni Oboli and others.

Remember Me

Love, crime, corruption, a seer who sees people about to die and helps their families to deal with the impending loss…looked like an interesting enough story. The originality of the story was something this movie had going. Notwithstanding a slow start and some nagging technical issues with lighting and sound, Remember Me is a memorable one, with good deliveries from actors like Uru Eke, Victor Olaotan, Femi Jacobs and OC UkejeObvious slips but I forgive Izu Ojukwu for this, some thought was put into the story.

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Gidi Blues

It’s the basic guy meets girl love story but Femi Odugbemi’s Gidi Blues is easily one of the few bright spots for Nollywood this year and it isn’t just in terms of lighting and cinematography. The story for the most part was clear, coherent and tight. Production was pretty solid and acting performances were on point with Gideon Okeke, Bukky Wright, Tina Mba, Nancy Isime (what a revelation) and Lepacious Bose pulling off their lines well even though the female lead Hauwa Allahbura wasn’t at the top of her game – as with Daniel Lloyd.

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Some stereotypes here and there but that really took nothing away from the movie, if anything, they helped.


Guess we should keep expecting thrillers from Mr Afolayan from now on since he’s basically had a hat trick of sorts. The CEO is so far the best made Nollywood movie of 2016 and it is painful its story, while promising isn’t at par with the production as the resolution was quite tacky. Acting was also average with only a handful of actors delivering – but how many did we know (not that it’s an issue anyway)? Wale Ojo did very well, likewise Nico Panagio but the rest?

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Meh. It’s looking like a trend now but it seems Kunle Afolayan focuses more on some of the important things to the detriment of the most important ones. But hey, The CEO is still eye candy and definitely not a waste of time or money.

Couple of Days

An entertaining flick starring Lilian Esoro, Ademola Adedoyin, Enyinna Nwigwe, Kiki Omeili, Okey Uzoeshi, Adesua Etomi, Olayode Juliana and Falz, Couple of Days is about three couples who decide to take a weekend break at their friend’s home in Ibadan. In close quarters, gossip and revelation of secrets become the order of the day and practically threaten to bring the house down. Good acting performances and scripting make this an enjoyable one but the contrived resolution kinda left a bad taste in the mouth. Still, Couple of Days deserves it’s spot as one of the few good films in 2016.

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PS: I thought this would be easy. Just 5 cinema movies abi? What this ended up doing was showing me how lackluster 2016 has been for film in Nigeria.  Some people now still want to bring MOPICON. Okay…

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