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Yorùbá Dictionary: The Countdown Begins


The brains behind the Yorùbá Dictionary of Names have started the countdown to the launch of the Yorùbá Dictionary website.

With the site 99% completed, the team has kicked off a  10-day Countdown to Launch social media campaign which includes a series of 10 featured dictionary entries, one selected name a day.

These will be shared on the team’s social media accounts. They encourage the public to follow these platforms to see the graphic for each day.

Follow on twitter @yorubanamesand like Facebook page  and invite your friends to do same.

From Tuesday February 9th to launch dates on February 19th & 20th, the project can be engaged by using the hashtag #YNLaunch on social media.

As the countdown begins, the team urges the public to share each of the daily countdown graphic. These graphics contain a dictionary entry and will be available on Twitter and on Facebook.

The dictionary will go live on the morning of Friday, February 19th(Nigerian time). It is is being launched online only this time. The date for a public physical launch will be communicated later.

After launch, the dictionary homepage can be accessed at www.YorubaName.com

The post-launch activities will continue on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st (the International Mother Tongue day, 2016, and also the TweetYoruba day).

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