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You’ve Had A Long Day, Let Odunlade Adekola Make You Laugh Off The Stress

I see all of you.

Odunlade Adekola is a Nollywood favourite and it’s not just because of his acting talent. He has a gift of serving the most hilarious looks that immediately become memes.


This particular photo of his with him folding his hands and with a suspicious look on his face has gone viral. Let’s see the funniest memes made out of it.


1. When your school grade is surprised that you actually want it to improve.

*Read all night
*Copy during test
*Cheats & Collect extra sheets
*Sort lecturers
*Pray & Fast



2. Or the dog who is surprised that you don’t actually want it to bite people.

*Visitor comes to ur house*

*keeps dog in cage*
*chain the dog while in cage*
*lock the cage*
*covers d cage with a cloth*



3. On his way how?

“Mum, I’ve found the person I want to marry”
“Praise God!!!!! When’s she coming?”
“No mum, he’s on his way”


4. So you mean you don’t want to bribe us?

Naija Policeman: Park. Can I see your..

Me: brings out my valid particulars, driver license, extra tyre, Extinguisher, unlocks phone.



5. The charge itself will be shocked at all these things done in its name.

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

We charge 30% VAT
Consultation charges
Booking charges
They will also be a a charge for any cancellation.



6. Seriously though, why do you print a receipt you’re just going to throw away?

ATM; ‘Do you want a printed receipt?’
Me; Yes
ATM; *prints receipt*
Me; * squeeze/ tears receipt*



7. Shout out to our Aba brothers who have limited edition Yeezys that Yeezy doesn’t even know of.


8. #TeamFitFam

Adds jollof rice, fried rice, puff puff, salad, plantain, samosa, peppered snail, chicken, beef, pepper soup.

Summer body goals:


9. You know that this person is dead now, right?

“Mom can you help me drop my plate since you’re going to the kitchen”

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