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10 Nollywood Actresses We’re Certain Own Bakeries


There’s absolutely nothing you can say to convince me that the actresses whose very beautiful faces grace this post don’t own bakeries.

One look at these faces and you can immediately see how much effort has gone into moulding them into what you see and these feats are near-impossible for non-bakery owners.

For those of you still in the practice of scaring your troublesome kids with threats of ojuju, there are materials here for you. Feel free to bookmark this page on your mobiles.

1. Toyin Adegbola AKA Ashewo To Re Mecca

Image result for toyin adegbola

Well, maybe that’s not exactly what she said but the expression on her face tells us that she’s just as petrified as we are at what is sitting on her face.

I can bet you that you cannot survive staring at that face for five minutes. Want to try? Your time starts now.

2. Bukky Wright

Image result for bukky wright

*in Falz’s voice* Eskwis me ma, is Florence Ita Giwa your road model? Why did you have to use your hand to add 10 years to your age? We know you are aging with grace, but you are not 69 yet. Or, are you?

3. Moyo Lawal

Image result for moyo lawal

At least try and form your face into a smile. It’s not like it was konkere (concrete) that you applied on it.

Ehen, better! Those lashes though. Did you attach some of your wig to them?

4. Mide Martins

Image result for mide martins

5. Dayo Amusa

Image result for dayo amusa

When Dayo is not busy with her face in the oven or dishing us nuggets on her social media pages, she’s blessing our ears with soothing music, the type that would make even Adele go black with envy. Her cover of Adele’s Hello is the best piece of music our generation has been fortunate to listen to.

Go on soun jor. Don’t mind haters. They don’t know that you’re too busy to bleach.

6. Empress Njamah

Image result for empress njamah

In fairness, whoever did this makeup should be afforded the same respect as you would Leonardo da Vinci. I mean, it takes exceptional talent to convince all of us that Empress would easily win a Most Beautiful Woman in the Universe contest even if there were contestants from Mars and Jupiter.

Isn’t she just gorgeous?

7. Daniella Okeke

Image result for daniella okeke

Omo, see smooth face o. Chai! So smooth you could play ice hockey on it. And that’s not the only thing about Daniella’s face. Are you currently on set shooting and due to your gaffer’s negligence, you need to urgently find a reflector? Look no further.

Just ensure you pay the owner of the face well.

8. Tayo Odueke

Image result for tayo odueke

No need for an epistle on this one. Look at the fingers. Yeah, that area where her fangs nails connect with the fingers. Now look at the face again. See the miracle of the bakery?

9. Bisi Ibidapo

Image result for bisi ibidapo

No words.

10. Oge Okoye

Image result for oge okoye

What’s that on Oge’s nose? the extra vegetable oil? Slime? Sweat? Or is it an icing on the baked face?

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