About Us

TRUE NOLLYWOOD STORIES is a registered trademark of PinPoint Media Services Nigeria Limited. Conceived in 2012, TNS was launched in December 2014.

Nollywood is Nigeria’s commercial film tradition and Africa’s biggest film industry. 3rd in the world, behind Hollywood and Bollywood, Nollywood released over 2000 movies per year at its peak. Recognised globally as one of Africa’s greatest interventions, Nollywood liberated filmmaking across the continent and perhaps the black diaspora. In 2013, the Nigerian government recognised Nollywood as an important contributor to the country’s GDP.

TNS founder Chris Ihidero is an award-winning writer and filmmaker, with about 100 hours of television drama directing to his credit. He has also made two successful short films and consulted for many audio-visual content creators on projects ranging from films, to TV series, short films, documentaries, magazine programmes, reality shows and awards.

VISION: To provide an entertaining and informative platform that reflects the innovative and dynamic spirit of Nollywood.

MISSION: To be the leading entertaining and informative one-stop resource platform for news, views, reviews and general information about Nollywood.