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TNSExclusive: Why Ndani TV Made ‘Lagos Big Boy’ And, The Future Of ‘Skinny Girl In Transit’

Ndani TV’s new show, Lagos Big Boy was written and directed by Dare Olaitan.

The show’s premise is;

Lagos Big Boy is a story of four aspiring young men who tackle the challenges of being successful in the city that never sleeps, getting themselves mixed up in all sorts of ‘hustle’ to actualize their dreams of attaining the ultimate Big Boy status.

Definitely aware of the fact that women consume more content of this kind, the guys at Ndani TV seem to have a strong reason for making a show entirely about men.

According to digital marketer, Ope;

There’s the question of why men are not consuming (this type of content) as much as women. Is it that men need more content tailored towards what they enjoy. It is basically us doing something we know men would relate to and men would actually be forced to watch.

While this recipe may work for the entertainment platform which is heavily funded by Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB), one wonders if this is here to stay or will have a fate undecided like other popular shows on the platform like Rumor Has It, Skinny Girl In Transit and the hugely popular, Gidi Up.

Yeah, we’d see how it (Lagos Big Boy) goes, I think platform like ours are allowed to experiment with different types of shows. But depending on how well it performs, how the reception is,how people relate to it, then we can now say, ‘oh we’re going to be doing more’ what we have now is season one. Saying we’re going to do more is like jumping the gun.

Which leads to the question on the lips of the average consumer of Ndani’s content – what is the fate of other high profiled shows the channel has drawn its audience with over the years?

I am not authorized to comment on Rumor Has It, but I can tell you that Skinny Girl In Transit is coming back. I can’t comment on The Juice. It might come back, it might not.

And the biggest reward for Ndani TV is;

Audience loyalty, followership, the comment and all. I think what we’re focused on right now is entertaining people basically. The goal is to keepentertaining, keep producing shows that would keep people glued to their computer screens, their mobile phones.

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Written by Tomilola Adeyemo

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