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TNS EXCLUSIVE: How Funke Akindele Removed Juliana ‘Toyo Baby’ Olayode From “Jenifa’s Diary” Because Of 3K

Juliana Olayode

TNS can confirm that Funke Akindele and Juliana Olayode, who plays Toyo Baby on Jenifa’s Diary, have parted ways.

Funke Akindele & Juliana Olayode on the set of Jenifa’s Diary

According to our sources, Funke Akindele removed Toyo Baby from the series over what the latter termed ‘bad pay’.

The source revealed that Toyo Baby was cut off from the widely watched TV series for requesting an increment in pay which didn’t go well with Funke Akindele who feels she’s an ingrate being that Olayode rose to stardom through her appearance on the widely-watched show.

Sources close to SceneOneProductions, producers of Jenifa’s Diary, further revealed to TNS that the producer of the show, Funke Akinkele via her production manager and younger sister – Abimbola – pays actors between N3,000 and N150,000 (per episode/season of the show) depending on the role.

Juliana Olayode aka Toyo Baby (Instagram).

An actress who spoke to TNS under the condition of anonymity via text message narrated how she was paid what she termed ‘peanuts’ by Akindele’s team after being part of an all-night party scene on Jenifa’s Diary.

I got a text message from Sceneone Productions that I had been selected to act on Jenifa’s Diary and I will be part of a party scene. I was so excited that I told my entire family about it. Mind you, it wasn’t my 1st time acting but d feeling of being on Jenifa’s diary was a big deal for me. I was asked to come with 5 different party costumes. Location was Amen Estate, Eleko. After filming with over 30 girls the whole night, Funke came to address us and advice that money shouldn’t be our priorities at this stage; that was when it occurred to me that something  awkward was about to happen….just then, the Production Manager, Mr Osmond whispered something to Funke’s sister, Abimbola & she started paying us each 3K. Can u imagine?, 3K for all night shoot!…on Jenifa’S dIARY!… I was so mad, some of us had to turn down the money shaa….couldn’t face my mom to explain to her wat happened the next morning.


Juliana Olayode was visibly absent in a recent photoshoot held for the upcoming season.

According to our findings, actors Lota Chukwu, Omotunde Lolo 1, Falz D Bahd Guy (who has also left the show) and Olayode are the highest paid actors who take home 150k per season.The rest take home much lesser money.

Stars like Tiwa Savage, Toke Makinwa and others who have had cameo appearances on the show reportedly got between 100k and 300k for ‘showing face’.

Funke, Juliana & Tiwa Savage on the set of Jenifa’s Diary

You will also note that Juliana was absent at events and parties that held at Funke’s house in Lekki.

Funke and Juliana have also unfollowed each other on their social media accounts.


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  1. Comment*toyo baby shouldn’t have done such a thing. At least it start from somewhere, she should have endure to it. Am not really happy with that toyo impression.

  2. If the production brings high proceeds for Funke then I would say she is greedy to not want to increase the pay of her artist even if it’s a little increase. It’s motivation, people grow and not remain stagnant. I don’t know the last season of the drama but I know it’s more than 3season. If “Toyosi” have never asked for a pay rise till now she is right in every area to negotiate a pay rise. Funke pays badly to artist and it’s not so good when you have the capacity to do better except truthfully you don’t have the funds.
    And to “Toyosi” if she walked out without being fired then I must say she made a wrong decision. Very wrong decision. She should have continued to grow her career in the drama till a better job comes out for her to bow out peacefully. Her exit should be missed and celebrated. enough of us acting before we think.
    Enuf of my speech a beg.

  3. Comment* The Truth Is No Body Have To Blame Toyo Just Because She Left The Scene For 3,000 You Just Have To See Things From Her Own Perspective Before Making Conclusion Because It Didnt Just Happened Like That There Must Be Something Behind Her Leaving And Maybe They Had Something Between Them Before You Just Cant Tell. Toyo Is Bigger Than #3,000 Moreover Funke Is Her And She Can Make A Scene Without Taking A Dime From Funke But For Just #3,000 There Must Be Something Else That Lead To That.

    • oga, her pay was never 3000!!
      Read before u comment, only extras get day payment, I have done an extra role with them before and I hate lies cos u re actually told the pay even before u get there. Toyo did a wrong thing, but I believe she will be fine.

  4. people loved Toyo baby, I will miss her so much. I believe the both of them knows best what happened, so let’s just leave this many stories.

  5. To film a party scene all night and pay N3k was deceitful. They should have told them what the pay was at the start of things. Some would have walked away, some would have stayed. Then the N3k wouldn’t have mattered.

  6. I don’t really like the fact that that lady got angry because they wanted to pay her 3k for a party scene…. As an upcoming, you should be happy for that and moreover, as an upcoming, you should be ready to do jobs for free, not because of today, but tomorrow, RECOMMENDATION WILL COME for *Big Fish* job..
    And for Toyo Baby, she shouldn’t have done that…. More opportunities would have been chasing her by now via Jenifas Diary….

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