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Stop The Hating: 5 Reasons Why TBoss Will Most Likely Win #BBNaija – By ‘Segun Odejimi

Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of TBoss noise going around. It is either from those who think TBoss is the greatest thing that has happened to Nigeria after the oil boom, or it is from those who think she is a modern day Delilah who shouldn’t even be allowed to breathe.

Whatever you think of her, though, you cannot erase the fact that she has found her way to the finals of Big Brother Naija (#BBNaija), a competition which has equally divided opinion among the hypocrites, not-so-hypocrites and the die-hard fans.

During her stroll to the finals, I have read several ridiculous theories about how she is dating Big Brother, how the whole world hates her (I even saw a video on that! SMH), how every man she kisses on the show gets evicted and so on.

Remember this one?

Let me put it on record here that I also do not like her personality a lot. If we were going by personalities, Efe will get my nod – easily. However, there are five reasons I think TBoss will win the 2017 edition of #BBNaija.

  1. She is the most marketable. Yes, there are three women (duh!) in the finals and yes, there are two men (duh!). But when you are picking the most marketable #BBNaija winner, it has to be TBoss. She is the prettiest (leave hating jor) and she is the most well-spoken of all the ladies. Apart from that, she is the one that looks most like a celebrity. Ah-mean, whatawetalkingabout? She’s fucking yellow!
  2. She’s the only one with an obvious been-to factor.
    I don’t know if the others can claim to have been-to, but once you see TBoss, you see a been-to. And while this ought to fall under making her the most marketable, I have decided to allow this reason stand alone. It is that big a reason, that’s why. Been-to-ness in Nigeria is a big deal and she sure fits it.
  3. She is the most controversial of the remaining five. Who else divides opinion like she does? Who among the remaining housemates vying for the N25million has had this much conspiracy theory thrown at them? We have heard of how all the boys she has kissed got evicted. We have heard how the duvet with which she sleeps is cursed. We have heard of how Big Brother has a crush on her and has kept her on because of that. We have heard this, we have heard that. Everywhere you turn, it is TBoss this, that girl that. If controversy sells, she will be richer than that boy, Mark.
  4. That babe is the most interesting character. Do I have to talk about how interesting she has been since the show started? Well, apart from the fact that she doesn’t dance much at house parties. You might want to say Bisola is interesting but there is a thin line that separates being interesting and being talented. Bisola is one talented woman but forget…when it comes to in-ta-res-tina, there is only one win-na.
  5. TBoss has luck on her side. A lot of it. Football fans will understand this a lot. Remember Greece in Euro 2004? Leicester City in EPL 2016? And Chelsea in that UEFA CL they won with Roberto DiMatteo as manager? Cool!

I still hope Efe or Bisola wins, though. But I’m not that much of the show (or their) fan to download WeChat, spend N30 in this recession and vote so I’ll just cross my fingers.


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  1. Two things. As for as proper analysis goes, this article is very simplistic and empty. I expected you to actually write facts and figures, e.g the fact that;
    -so many celebrities including three past BB winners support her. Openly
    -Her fans have a point to prove
    -The fact that her fans are the only fans of the show that do not look left or right in the direction of any other competitors. They vote Tboss alone. No division.
    -Sympathy votes, from the kemen incident to the hate/malice/gosspi/discrimination. Hiss. This is very flaky.

    And ” there are three women in the finals and yes, there are two men.” Er… Ayam not understanding this one. Unless you are calling Marvis a man. Which is very legit.

    • Lmao @ calling Marvis a man. I don’t care about the body of the article. I care about the title – which is, Tboss might win. Now let me get back to using my N30 for the Queen. #BossNation.

      • Oops! How can someone say this article is empty! For joves-sake this isn’t an intellectual article! It is an article with as much fun as the BBN itself. And the writer actually meant it to be so! There are several intellectual articles on JSTOR if we need such! *flees to my hideout*

  2. Pearl made a good point about the emptiness of the article. Lol Oga Are you sure you don’t want her to win? From my point of view this article is written based on a lot of ignorant info, because you clearly do not watch the show for you to draw all these your one-sided conclusions. The only thing i agree with is that she’s one lucky girl,lol. Okay this is going to be long so here goes.
    I think the people Tboss irks the most are avid viewers from the beginning. I have watched every single season of BBA and BBN (i call myself a BB Groupie) so I believe I know my stuff, but of course my opinion is mine. This show’s viewers, imo, mostly root for the person that’s a combo of a “good” person – someone that shows heart, kindness and vulnerability – and an entertaining all rounder. I was totally unbiased at the beginning of the season and people kept pointing out my resemblance to Tboss which i did not like (I’m much younger and prettier 😋) but I was still quite indifferent about her. I am telling you this honestly though, there is NO way you would’ve watched this show closely and you would truly come out hailing and rooting for her. Girl has a BAD ATTITUDE. FULL STOP. If I had time I would’ve given you a lot of instances where she came off, like a lot of people have said, as manipulative, quite mean-spirited, snobbish, and always quick to play the victim card. I am not one to judge others because we are all deeply flawed as humans and I always try to find the good in people, but it’s been hard with Tboss lol. All the housemates have annoyed me in different ways and have done irritating and truly “flog-worthy” things throughout the season hence my general indifference about the winner, so this is not to say that the rest are perfect, but I’m singling her out because this article is about her. The worst part of this TBoss campaign is the shallow belief that she’s hated for her looks, COME ON! To me it’s better to like her just because, or maybe y’all are alike 🙄 than to hide under the blanket of “she’s fine”. She is good-looking but NOT the finest BB contestant ever (not even close) so why weren’t all the othershated for their looks too? How did Dilish end up winning? Puh-leese. I attribute those few celebs’ support of her to their not being avid watchers, they do not know the full gist, lol.
    Let me end with this, she lived with 15 hms through the season, are you seriously telling me ALL 14 (excluding Miyonse) disliked her for her looks? Even Miyonse her supposed “boo” isn’t really gung-ho about her win (she nominated him the first opportunity she got). She’s also the only housemate that did not make a genuine connection with anyone mainly because they were probably never sure how she would turn something on them. I am not in support of Bisola’s bitter bashing of her, but if you watched their argument about “breakfast and french toast” for instance 😂 you would be inclined to understand, albeit slightly, why it would be difficult to not feel a certain level of dislike toward Tboss (that argument was tha last straw for me). Bottom line is 14-15 people can’t be wrong and one person be right! I rest my case. Phew! Hehe

    • “mostly root for the person that’s a combo of a “good” person – someone that shows heart, kindness and vulnerability – and an entertaining all rounder” Say what?!

      Before I say anything, may I let you know that I am also an avid watcher of he Big Brother franchise and I have been a stan since I was 14! That’s since the 1st ever one.

      And 2 major people totally make this opinion of yours invalid. Let’s go back to Season 2. The one where Richard won. Richard the recently married man with philandering ways. Richard who many viewers thought was dishonest and who will have been the Thin Tall Tony of that season(with less judgement from viewers of course). Then let’s come back to Big Brother Africa all stars, the one Uti won but which had probably one of the fiercest competition in Big Brother history because Munya had HUGE support almost as much as Uti. He was fiercely loved! And because you’re a fan I don’t need to remind you how annoying as hell Munya was.

      Thing is, Tboss has people who hate her for the most ridiculous reason. Someone says because she’s a ‘runs girl.’ :/ Truth is even if she doesn’t win on Sunday, her fans have made one thing clear – you send hate, we push harder.

      Whew. Lol.

      • I was waiting for this actually, and when I was typing that, I was thinking I should probably add “with the exception Richard and Uti”, but then i felt my saying “mostly” will suffice. Yes Richard and Munya (even Uti i.m.o) are exceptions, but if you look at the other winners, Cherise, Kevin, Karen, Keagan, Dillish, even Ricco and Idris with their playboy ways, you get what I mean. Of course it’s not to say it’s black and white though. I agree with the last part about Tboss by the way. 😊

  3. Mitcheew! Rubbish your article is empty please go and sleep Tboss is this she is this why are you campaigning for her? You are telling me other ladies are not out spoken abi or beautiful please go and sleep rubbish.

  4. Soji,

    Forgive us for not seeing into the head of the writer.

    Ms. S, “am telling you this honestly though, there is NO way you would’ve watched this show closely and you would truly come out hailing and rooting for her.”
    The fact that you have HONESTLY and TRULY in one sentence doesn’t make it so. I beg to differ. I have watched from day 1 till now, I don’t like Tboss for any of the reasons people list (fine, lightskinned etc) even though they’re valid, nor do I subscribe to the schooI of thought that she’s hated for her looks…even though there are tweets to defend all those points. She’s called white witch, shes reminded that beauty alone counts for nothing, she’s mocked for being single at the ripe old age of 33 (despite her looks, accompanied by a snigger), she’s attacked for liking younger guys, she cries too much, she has no talents…none of those reasons impress me either way. I love, support and will kill for TBoss for her politics. When that girl got on that stage in her evening gown and trainers, and when I saw those piercings and tattoos, I saw:
    1) someone who makes her own rules and lives by them
    -someone Nigerians would detest for being nonconformist
    And I threw my hat in that ring. It was a choice.
    I have watched her closely, followed her politics and she’s exactly the kind of person I like. What people call boastful or arrogant is more about the people saying it, than it is about her. What is her background? Her orientation? How can we, a people so diverse expect someone to typify what we consider ‘Nigerian’? Who makes these rules? If she mentions traveling, someone thinks it’s fake or boastful, but guess what, it’s as natural to her as people accept Efe’s not having ever eaten pizza or been to the cinema as evidence of realness. We have seen her photographs, vacationing all over the world. Why can we not see that if she’s gonna talk about herself, her life, she can’t edit just to make Nigerians happy and label her ‘humble?’ What is tthis actual fuckery?

    She’s OCD, well, I’m OCD so I understand this intensely, how isolating it can be. Can frustrating when a grownass Bally won’t flush the toilet and I’m the one who’s a bad person for demanding it.

    That girl without actually ever saying the words is a feminist.

    And trying to deny a gang-up is disingenuous. I know the feeling. My classmates didn’t like me until my fourth year. Some people don’t make friends easily. But when they do, they’re fiercely loyal. Tboss is very sensitive -as am I, I amuse my family with all my crying- and in the Nigerian way, we go “grow some balls.” So yes, she’s flawed, but flawed differently, and that’s what we can’t accept. Too bad. Each of those housemates is flawed. And I like them all for different reasons, just as I see different things that make me go nah. But Tboss is somehow the worst, and we deny it cuz she’s different and therefore exotic? (Yes, exotic). She could be insensitive, I cannot deny that. When she cooked with sugar, I was upset with her not for cooking with sugar (go to some countries, every damn thing is sweet) but for not checking that the others were okay with it. In the end, I choose to assume that it didn’t even occur to her. Just as it didn’t occur to Bally that to oss, not flushing the toilet was akin to a sacrilege. So you see? It’s vabout understanding each other’s differences.

    So yes, I watch the show and I TRULY, HONESTLY love and admire TBoss and whether or not she wins, that she’s in the finals is already a finger in the eye of a judgmental public. No one questions how Marvis and Debbie are still there, but TBoss, it’s gotta be witchcraft, well, we gotta get a grip.

    Anyway, this article is about why she could win. She may not have Efe and Bisola’s numbers, or Debbie’s underground and inexplicable machinery or Marvis’ Rivers state govt *hic* but she’s got a very fierce people, who, for whatever reason we may each have, are focused on the prize. Whether or not she gets it, I’m not worried about her. She’ll make good. Our work is done.

    • Good one Pearl.
      You captured my sentiments on this.
      We are all flawed, but we judge people who are flawed differently from us.

    • I really like your reply Pearl. First off I always love a good and clean debate, people need to understand that it’s actually possible to disagree and not stoop to insults between debaters. So you almost pulled me over to that your “nation” there 😂. I’m happy you admitted to liking her for HER and not for all those silly reasons, which is what I expect sensible people to do. No one is 100% bad just like no one is a 100% good, so i probably failed to mention that aspect, despite my dislike for TBoss, she has her good sides (I still feel she’s done a poor job of showing them in general 😁). I do not dislike her for any of the reasons you listed, I’m a germophobe too, I’ve lived outside the country for a chunk of my life so used to the comments, alienation and all, so when you described her, I saw similarities to myself but they only further made me realise just how badly she handles herself. Tboss hardly ever apologises even when she is CLEARLY wrong, she flips the card so quickly in an argument that even the person that’s right begins to doubt themselves 😂, she is impossible to apologise to because she goes on and on to the point that the offender becomes the offended, she always wants to be the center of attention and resents anyone else having the spotlight, and yes she is arrogant Pearl, but I can agree that she’s gotten a lot better in the house because it was obviously something she never checked herself for. Which brings me to my last point, she does not check herself. She has a pretty warped idea of herself, sometimes to the point of plain lies e.g “I’ve never called people names” (please) and statements like “I’m very kind”, “I’m generous” etc; just because you say it does not make it automatically so (like you pointed out), besides there are attributes others should see in you and not for you to keep drumming in other people’s heads that you are. Yes it’s good for validation and self-confidence, but not to the point of giving yourself a false sense of righteousness.
      I repsect your reasons for liking and rooting for her, and they’re obviously different from my own reasons for not rooting for her. You call it politics, I call some of it manipulation, but hey, let’s agree to disagree 😊. Cheers

  5. Contrary to what you wrote S , I have unfortunately had a lot of time to watch the show as I have been most times at home for these few months and I have loved Tboss ever since . She is a lady comfortable in her own space with a lot of insecurities pretty ladies have . I have met a good number of them and it would shock you to know the prettiest of ladies are the most insecure in every aspect .
    Tboss Is KIND-HEARTED and the same Miyonse you mentioned is rooting for her , it is likely yoh have not follow him since he left on social media . He is silently for Tboss from all indications .
    Plus How can you say you watched from the beginning and didn’t support her putting up miyonse . He deserved it . A 100 percent and he knows that in retrospect now because many would do the same if you understood her reasons.
    Tboss is the realest person in that house and I can bet that if any other housemate were in her shoes they would have taken the pressure of hate she felt in worse strides. I hope she wins even if the finale was the target of her fans . She deserves it by a mile. Hate would not win over love . That is why she has earned adamant fans with massive love for her . Peace .
    I also cannot understand how the housemates could live in so much hate especially Bisola and Efe . It was mind boggling . Efe especially , I personally cannot stand vindictive people like that .

    • I disagree with alllll your points dear 😂 but first let me make myself clear, i am NO Miyonse fan oh! He was likely “playing” her and she caught on, hence her nominating him. I do not follow him on social media but I have seen the stance of other evicted housemates that I also do not follow, only because they’ve been very clear about who they support, so my saying what i did is because I feel he’s not “gung-ho” because she nominated him, hence he’s being a bit ‘coded’ with his support. We all know he’s on her side or he would not have sent a bday message, so just not ALL IN is my point. I may be wrong but that’s my impression.
      Your reasons are valid to you, and if you read the exchange between Pearl and I, you would see that we agree on some stuff at least. Does not mean Tboss is the worst housemate but she definitely is not my favourite. I do not feel she is the realest too. So that’s that.
      I am not particularly rooting for Efe but I also disagree with you thinking he is vindictive, he did not like Tboss from the start and probably did not give her as fair a chance but I will reiterate the fact they are the ones that LIVED with her all this time, and no matter how much we feel we’ve watched, their impression of her is stronger. Their bashing was out of hand and that’s probably the only thing I kind of agree with you on – the hate/love thing. The more you hate on a person, no matter how terrible they are, the less people see their bad and start to see yours. But vindictive isn’t the word i’d use. I feel this last minute bashing is what would eventually cost Bisola the money, even more than the 3T/promiscuity thingy. I’m trying to be as unbiased as possible while still standing by what i feel 😂 Hope it’s worked.lol

  6. Ms. S,

    I agree with you almost entirely. Tboss frustrates me sometimes and yes, your point about spinning arguments, I see her. If I ever met her, I’d tell her, its something she needs to work on. It’s entirely possible she’s never been called out on many of these things (we do coddle Biracials here) to the extent it’s possible she has an overrated opinion of herself, just as in some ways, she underrates and undermines herself. Thank goodness we’re all a work in progress. The mistake is to think oh I’m a finished product. If she wins, I hope BBN does not do that to her. She could be better. Which is why I made it clear that it is a choice and I chose her. Heavens forbid I don’t see her flaws. Some people are about that life, excuse or turn a blind eye to every of their favorites’ flaws, not me. I see them and depending on my mood, I may be indulgent or frustrated, but my choice is unwavering because what’s good about her overwhelms the bad. Also, when she contradicts herself, I honestly wonder if she’s lying or that’s truly how she sees herself. Remember, these people all of them are under incredible scrutiny, every minute, some more than others, TBoss more than the rest. Her ecery move, word, reaction everything is analysed, spun, taken apart and put back together. That’s too much pressure. And most tines shes defensive. But you’re right, I wish she put her good foot forward more, argue and explain less, trust us to see past the spin. But all in, she’s genuine, I believe that. I see also that she gets angry but she’s never vengeful. And she speaks openly if cuttingly. Big difference.

    Thank you for being so gracious. And please, there’s still lots of room in #bossnation. LOL.

    • Lol! I enjoyed our exchange, and I’ll admit you softened my impression a little, thanks for being gracious as well 😊

  7. Thank you Jen. I clearly didn’t want to Menton names but you have shed that particular reservation. 😂😂😂

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