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8 Nollywood Movies On Netflix That Won’t Waste Your Time

Nollywood movies on Netflix that won’t waste your time.

It’s another Christmas season and that usually means, going out with family and friends to have fun. Or, staying in and binge-watching movies via cable or streaming services.

And, we all know Netflix is the streaming service everyone unanimously agrees has a wide library with decent enough movies.

So, if your Netflix subscription is on or you have managed to wrestle your family member/friend’s password from them and you need a little nudge in the Nollywood movie on Netflix direction then, this article just might be for you.

And you know, what’s better than knowing what film to choose without the burden of browsing yourself?

Yep, thank us later.

Check out 7 movies we think you’d not only love but which will not be a total waste of time!

  • The Figurine (Araromire)

The Figurine was directed by Kunle Afolayan and released in the year 2009. The movie is credited with kickstarting the huge success attributed to Nollywood movies in the Nigerian cinema today. When it was released a decade ago, The Figurine became a talking point and eventually became a valid example of how Nollywood movies can control huge box office numbers. It also launched the big-screen career of Actress/Producer, Omoni Oboli who has since made her mark on the Nigerian box office scene. The Figurine (Araromire) tells the story of two young friends who fall in love with the same woman, stole a figurine while on NYSC and deal with the eerie consequences of their choices 7 years later. It stars Ramsey Nouah, Kunle Afolayan, Omoni Oboli, Funlola Aofiyebi and more.

Possible Fave: The score is ah-mazing. And the visuals of the NYSC camp, Erin-Ijesha waterfalls and the amazing carving by the late great Lamidi Fakeye.

Not so possible fave: If you’re a storyteller/someone who understands good storytelling, you may wonder whose story this film really is. The ending will either intrigue you or cause you to cock an eyebrow.

  • The Arbitration

The Arbitration tackles a very sensitive topic in today’s Nigeria – Rape. While Rape may be a conversation advanced in other countries, Nigerians are still learning and re-learning too many issues surrounding rape. And that is something this film takes upon itself to show in nice visuals. It uses an attractive and talented cast (which at the time wasn’t even as big as they are now) and tells a gripping story on rape in the workplace. Its resolution may or may not sit well with you but one thing is for sure, it’s entertaining. The Arbitration stars Adesua Etomi, OC Ukeje, Ireti Doyle, Somkele Iyama and more.

Possible Fave: The leads, Adesua and OC Ukeje give insanely good performances.

Not so possible fave: For a film that takes it upon itself to discuss something as delicate as rape, the film dances around its destination a little too much.

  • 93 Days

93 Days stars an ensemble cast that lends themselves to very deep and touching storytelling that is the Ebola virus in Nigeria. 93 Days follows the lives of the people directly affected by Ebola in the year 2014 when the deadly virus broke out in Nigeria and threatened to wipe out millions. It was finally curbed by the late Dr. Stella Adadevoh who paid with her own life. 93 Days will perhaps hold you, cause your eyes to glisten with tears and utter a prayer or two for Dr. Adadevoh. It will also remind you that not all heroes wear cape. 93 Days stars Bimbo Akintola, Seun Kentebe, Somkele Iyama, Danny Glover and more.

Possible Fave: The film simply brings to life and close to you what it felt like for the directly involved parties during the Ebola outbreak in 2014. It’s touching.

Not so possible fave: 93 Days in its bid to tell a gripping story has a slow pace. A little bit of patience might be needed here.

  • Road to Yesterday

Genevieve Nnaji’s first venture into the world of production as a Producer. Road to Yesterday was released in the year 2015 and had a decent run in Nigerian cinemas. Road to Yesterday tells the love story of a couple whose marriage is falling apart and who have to deal with an unexpected situation that will inevitably decide their fate. Road to Yesterday stars Genevieve Nnaji, Baaj Adebule, Majid Micheal and more.

Possible Fave: If you’re a Genevieve fan then you want to see this. The Brymo music is a fave too.

Not so possible fave: Just like 93 Days, you’d need a little patient for the pace of this film. You may also get a little confused until you see the film to the very end.

  • Up North

Up North stars Banky W, Kanayo O Kanayo, Michelle Dede and more. The film tells the story of an over-indulged kid who is thrust into the world of ‘regular’ people when he goes up north for his NYSC. He learns the hard way and falls in love while there. His life changes forever.

Possible Fave: The film takes you on a pretty good trip around Gombe. The culture, the food, the lifestyle, all rolled into one movie.

Not so possible fave: Banky’s acting may cause you to glance away a few times and considering he is the lead actor, this may need a little effort on the part of the audience.

  • King of Boys

Kemi Adetiba’s King of Boys is perhaps the most talked-about movie that premiered in Nollywood back in 2018. The movie’s talkability was revived when it landed on Netflix months ago. Sola Sobowale, Adesua Etomi, Rapper Reminisce, Akin Lewis and more star in this film. King of Boys is a gritty crime thriller that follows a criminal warlord, played by Actress Sola Sobowale who wrestles with holding on to power after a few shifts happen in the underworld where she has been King for a while. The performances here are good. Actress Toni Tones is perhaps the audiences’ favorite role interpreter in this movie. King of Boys is also an example that not only romcoms play well in the big screen space in Nollywood.

Possible Fave: It’s a pretty well-done thriller. The performances from the cast are applaudable and Kemi does not hold back from using good visuals to push her storytelling.

Not so possible fave: If you are not a fan of blood or over the top violence, you may need to hold someone’s hands as you navigate the story world of this movie.

  • Lion Heart

Lion Heart is Genevieve Nnaji’s directorial debut and, Netflix’ first acquisition in Nollywood. So, if you’re a movie lover you would have heard of this film. Except you’re living under a huge rock that is. Lion Heart tells the story of a  young woman who struggles with grasping control at her father’s million naira business in Enugu. Everything gets in her way and she has to figure out how to gain control or watch everything her father worked for, fall to shambles in her hands. Lion Heart stars Yakub Mohammed, Genevieve Nnaji, Nkem Owoh, Pete Edochie and more.

Possible fave: You will definitely get that old Nollywood vibe watching this film. And if you were a fan of that Nollywood, this movie is gold. The soundtrack is also really nice.

Not so possible fave: At some point, this movie threatens to be a snooze fest. You may also have issues with its lack of conflict.

  • Isoken

Isoken is directed by Jade Osiberu of the GidiUp fame. It is a romantic comedy that ticks all the boxes of its genre and more. It is a feel-good film that does not also forget why it’s there. The chemistry between its leads is amazing and the humor is not forced. Isoken follows the story of Isoken, a successful woman who hasn’t gotten married at 35 but who has no issues with that. However, the society does and while Isoken doesn’t necessarily let this get to her, she battles with the ultimate decision where falling in love is concerned.

Possible Fave: The film is entertaining and highly relatable. It is also socially conscious and doesn’t bore its audience while discussing the former.

Not so possible fave: Not a lot really. Isoken really works.


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