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“Who Is Afraid Of The MOPICON Bill?” – Greg Odutayo Writes


Veteran Nollywood producer and director, Greg Odutayo known for popular TV shows My Mum & I, Bella’s PlaceEdge of Paradise and recent film, Beyond Blood, has called for caution from Nollywood practitioners currently “protesting” against the proposed MOPICON bill.

He urged industry players not to allow the ongoing social media noise distract them from doing the right thing.

Read his Facebook write-up below:

From the time that news broke of the intention of the Hon. Minister, Lai Mohammed to set up a committee to have the MOPICON bill reviewed, there has been a lot of “noise” on social media aimed at ensuring that the bill is killed. I wonder why.

This current bill is 10 years old for crying out loud and I as NANTAP President was one of those opposed to the content of this bill even 10 years ago. The bill was inadequate in addressing the challenges facing the industry. It is even worse now. But our Minister has merely asked for a review so we can have the industry properly regulated. No the question is why are the young filmmakers afraid of regulation?

It is obvious that they are not aware of this huge lifeline that the Minister is giving us as an industry. An opportunity to actually for once take ourselves seriously so that everyone else – government, the private sector, business community can take us serious. The protection of the industry is paramount so that the industry can move in leaps and bounds.

I know the current bill is highly inadequate but lets not throw the baby away with the dirty bath water. Lets fashion a bill that will help create a conducive environment for creativity. Lets produce a bill that will help the industry grow so we can leave a legacy for the younger generation. We may not get another opportunity to get this right.

Let’s not allow all the social media noise to distract us from doing the right thing.

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