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Angela Dede, Segun Kadiri & 5 Of the Best Characters Ever Created On Nigerian TV

Nigerian TV

Nigerian TV may have stopped creating iconic TV characters for a while now.

However, forget Jon Snow, James St Patrick, and Olivia Pope. Nollywood is not new to creating characters who are iconic and can give your favorite foreign TV xters a run for their money.

Need a little reminder? Well, let’s go!

PS: The list is long but these 7 are perhaps the most remembered in this space.

Angela Dede – Tinsel

Angela Dede

Played by Matilda Obaseki, Angela Dede is one of the most popular characters on Nigerian TV. Angela who made her screen debut over a decade ago is touted as one of the best characters on Nigerian TV to showcase mental health and with no negativity attached too. While Angela makes disturbing choices especially in romantic relationships, she is a character who sticks in the memories of audiences. She stuck so seriously, the audience went berserk when her character took a hiatus on Tinsel back in 2016.

Jenifa – Jenifa’s Diary

Jenifa is probably one of the most popular characters to emerge from Nollywood in a decade.

Funke Akindele (R), Falz (L)

Actually, scratch that, Jenifa is the most popular character to emerge from Nollywood in over a decade. The character was introduced to the audience back in 2008 in a film titled Jenifa. It was not only an instant favorite, Producer (who also plays Jenifa) Funke Akindele capitalized on the success of the Jenifa movies by making a sitcom out of it. Jenifa’s Diary then went on to conquer more hearts and secure its place as one of the most iconic characters in Nigerian TV history. Not only is she considered funny and sometimes relatable, but Jenifa has also influenced many characters in Nollywood from her crossover from film to TV. That alone makes her influential, don’t you think?

Segun Kadiri – Checkmate

Richard Mofe-Damijo

Richard Mofe Damijo’s first major gig in Nollywood was playing Segun Kadiri in Amaka Igwe’s TV Classic, Checkmate.

And if you’re a millennial, you must have recollections of Segun Kadiri being your Aunt or mom’s favorite TV guy. Yes, he was that iconic, that loved and that popular. In fact, many people believe RMD always has a little of Segun Kadiri in him whenever he plays any character.

Chief Fuji – Fuji House of Commotion

Chief Fuji was played by Kunle Bamtefa. Produced by Amaka Igwe, Chief Fuji was not only hilarious because of how he reacted to problematic situations around him, he was also loved because of how he lampooned similar cases like his in the Nigerian society.

Image result for fuji house of commotion
Kunle Bamtefa

Originally a member of the cast of Checkmate, Chief Fuji got his show after the Fuji House spin-off, making him a character that worked in a soap and a sitcom. No wonder his favorite phrase, ‘ma begi fun e’ was such a national anthem at a time.

Papa Ajasco & co – Papa Ajasco

Image result for papa ajasco
Papa Ajasco

Papa Ajasco is a character that worked on Nigerian TV, period. It is probably the reason why the producers still have him on TV over 2 decades after he was first introduced to us.

His bald head, glasses and signature potbelly are some of the reasons his audience find him so endearing. They’re also some of the reasons he is considered influential.

Orisabunmi – Arelu

Image result for orisabunmi
Folake Aremu

Orisabunmi was played by Folake Aremu back in the 80s, at a time Nigerian TV was creating some of the most iconic xters on TV. A popular character, Orisabunmi soon became a crowd favorite especially amongst viewers in the western part of the country. Not only was she loved, but hairstyles were also named in her honor. Basically how you secure a place as one of the most iconic TV xters in Nollywood.

Bem Tsenogu – Hush

Bem Tsenogu played by Richard Mofe Damijo is a character mostly credited for bringing the star actor on TV. And perhaps that is why it is regarded as one of the best characters on TV. Because not only did it bring RMD back, it delivered a different perspective of the actor on TV. Younger generations were introduced to the man who held sway on TV back in the 90s. And they loved him. Because it is not everytime you see antiheroes who are very loved in Nollywood.

Image result for bem tsenogu

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