Angriest Tweets As One Africa Music Fest London Fails To Excite


For the second time, One Africa Music Fest took a ton of artistes for an African takeover of the Western country.


Last year, it held in the United States and this year, small Lagos London played host to the finest artistes on this side of the world to takeover that city.


Every body was billed to be there: Banky W to Ali Kiba to Tekno and Awilo.


The tensioning wasn’t small: every Instagram post leading up to the event promised a show of a life time.


Even WAGS who didn’t have much to do than to support their boos were flown into the British capital for One Africa Music Fest.


Except that to most of the fans in attendance, it was a waste of time and precious £25.


Let’s examine the show through the eyes of people who actually attended.


First like any Nigerian show, it started way behind schedule. Newly engaged Banky W who doubled as performer and host, took to the stage at 8:20 – later than the advertised 7pm.

Banky came on stage at 8:20pm to open the show, 1hr 20mins behind schedule.


Banky W told us we should be used to African time hence the show running late. No wahala


For us who are used to Eko Hotels being open all night, it’s not a problem. But for British people whose time is literally money, such a thing is never a good idea; because when your time is over the authorities will shut you down.


But fans weren’t worried initially. They waited to see their favourite Nigerian artistes.


And having seen Awilo, Casper Nyovest and Ali Kiba’s impressive sets, it was definitely finna be lit when Naija stars got on stage.



It didn’t happen. By the time our biggest stars took the stage, time was running out and they had to be rushed.

Never pay to watch Tekno, he is a lazy fella. He should just stay in the studio doing his thing


That’s it from Olamide? And they let some people perform for 30 mins? Okay.


Tiwa Savage is known for her vocals, she is playing us CD and lip syncing.


A 12,500 capacity venue is filled to capacity yet these artistes are lip syncing. Not a free show ooo, there should be a standard


There is a live band set up but these Nigerian artistes are lip syncing. Tiwa Savage of all people should not be doing this….


So this is the performance this people get millions for including private jets, who be their jazz man. I am in the wrong career 😞😞😞


Of course it rubbished the performances. We’ll never know now if it was the rush that made Tekno seem like crap or the crap was in him beforehand.

Tekno is disgraceful on the stage. Absolutely. Gosh.



Some good performances were in there somewhere though; even if they had five minutes or thereabout to perform.


MI had a good set.


9ice too.


Falz is always a delight.


And Phyno definitely knows how to carry a tune.


They couldn’t help the overwhelming disappointment of the night though as people who had waited all these months to see them went away feeling shortchanged.

This is the type of show people go to every week and tweet that it was lit or shut down. Na real wa ooo


Like decorators at a Nigerian wedding that removes drapes and tablecloth while the couple is still dancing, the owners of the venue shut down while fans were still in the arena.

P-Square & Flavour yet to perform, and it’s almost midnight.

That’s a few more zeros out of Paulo’s pocket to the nice folks at Wembley.

Okay so I’m hearing the show is officially over. Equipment going off stage. No P-Square. No Flavour. It’s done!


The stage is being dismantled while we are still here. Shame to the organisers of


Our man Rosanwo was so pissed that he swore off pop shows and promised to only watch fuji and juju concerts.

Never again, I am sticking to Fuji musicians performing live plus Jazz at the local community centre.


We should boycott these so called “African Shows/Festivals”. We are encouraging lazy clowns to make money off us..


Who can blame him? Those ones seem more dedicated to their craft than these urban music types.

At 60 years old, K1 can do a show that will run for a whole night- complete with live band.
Your favourite pop artiste can’t do 20 minutes


One is sure in a few hours, the organizers would shout from the rooftops how it was a successful show and how it was sold out.


Truly it was but it was the artistes who got a free paid vacation to London and the owners of Wembley who got the better part of the deal.


For most fans, it was a letdown.


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