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Another Extended Music Video? What We Learned From “The Wedding Party 2” Trailer


Have you seen the newly released extended trailer of Elfike Collective‘s sequel – The Wedding Party 2? 

After watching the trailer of the film directed by one of Nollywood’s new leading directors, Niyi Akinmolayan, here are a few things we learned.

1. This is an “extended music video” filled with even more glamour.

Its record-shattering predecessor The Wedding Party, after the TIFF premiere, was described by a wise man as an “extended music video”. When the film was released, it was not hard to see why: beautiful pictures, colourful costume and set, a lot of music.

After watching this trailer, I can only describe this as same. Only with even more glamour. There’s a trip by the whole town to Dubai.

If you’re looking for a lot of colour and glamour, this is the film for you.

2. The filmmakers are playing on the Sola Sobowale effect.

When I saw the trailer of the first installment and considering the excitement that a potential return to the screens of Sola Sobowale brought with it, I predicted that she would be the “owner” of the film.

It is safe to say that a lot of the people who went to see the film did so because they just had to watch Sobowale again after what seemed like a long time away. And she didn’t perform badly either. Her “kangaroo” leap in the wedding party has become popular memes and gifs a year on.

Now, the filmmaker took note of this success and decided to play on that effect. This time, it is Patience Ozokwor who is coming into the party. Even though Ozokwor hasn’t been removed from our screens in recent time (she at least appeared in Kunle Afolayan’s Omugwo), many people will definitely be excited about her linking up with the other players in this film. Like the first one, it could turn out to be another commercial masterstroke.

3. This isn’t a film I’m looking forward to watching

Having a contrary opinion to stuff isn’t a popular phenomenon in Nollywood and you’re better off keeping it to yourself around here.

However, my honest opinion is that I am not looking forward to this film. When I heard there would be a sequel, I replied to the news with a shake of my head. 

Watching this trailer, I still hold my opinion.

This film looks shallow, like most of the films that have filled Nigerian cinema this year. The reason the producers have decided to make a TWP 2 is nothing more than the commercial success TWP witnessed.

I watched The Wedding Party till the last of the credits rolled in the cinema but I couldn’t stand watching it a second time. It will be the same story with this, I can already tell. In fact, after watching this trailer, the only excuse I can cling on to apart from the “watch all Nollywood films” yada yada is the fact that it is directed by a filmmaker whose works I respect.

For me, there’s nothing exciting in this trailer. Zilch!

But of course, there are people who can’t wait and will probably see it seven times like they did the previous one.

4. Niyi Akinmolayan is still Master Trailer Cutter

Going by the fact that Akinmolayan directs this one, it is safe to say he oversaw the cutting of this trailer.

The trailer is beautiful. Note: I said trailer. 

But you can see that despite Akinmolayan’s attempt at masking it with the trailer, this film will produce a lot of sighs from people who aren’t just looking for “something funny because that’s what the tough times in Nigeria has called for”.

5. It will be difficult not to draw comparisons between the two parties

In as much as it will be unfair to place the TWP 2 and TWP 1 side-by-side and make comparisons, it will be very difficult to not at least compare the plot and execution of Kemi Adetiba’s wedding party scenes and Akinmolayan’s own.

The wedding scene in this one already looks fuller as there are more families now. From the trailer, one can already pick up a few similarities in the two parties.

6. White actors, yay or nay?

Only a handful of Nigerian filmmakers have been able to get actual people who know what acting means when they need to feature foreigners (white fellas) in their films.

They seem to neglect it, but it is always very frustrating to watch.

From what I see so far in this trailer, the acting by the foreigners look like we’re in for another frustrating encounter.

I hope I am wrong.

Watch the trailer below:

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Written by Segun Odejimi

Apostle of Sarcasm. Writer. Former Editor of TNSnigeria. Producer, Segun & the Gang. Facebook Nigeria Trainer.

Trained as a media/theatre artist and has worked in advertising, TV and radio.