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Aunty Foluke & The Nigerian Artist’s Brand Of Activism


Sometimes you’re just looking for something to write and you’re stuck. Just when you want to abandon all hope, a celebrity decides to open an aperture other than the one used for speaking and words fly out – you can imagine the type already. Suddenly you have material. Isn’t God awesome like that? Hallelujah!

This time around, popular Yoruba actress, Foluke Daramola got a whole lot of people scratching their heads due to her utterances on gender equality and some women related issues.

Major fail.

I mean, I say stupid shit all the time but if what Foluke said was to enter a race at the stupidity Olympics last week, she would clear a truckload of medals that some commenters on LIB would only dream of.

For those who might be late to the party, here’s what she said:

“I’m sorry I don’t think men and women should have equal rights in this case. I think the male should have more than the female, but it should be with proportion, maybe on a ratio of 60 to 40. The reason why I think so is because we women tend to be extremely domineering when it comes to issues and sometimes sentimental. Men can be detailed even though we are sometimes. So, there are proportions in all these things. The role of a man can never be over emphasised. Even though I’m a women’s rights activist, I still believe in the place of a woman and a man. The man is supposed to be a step ahead of the woman; you can never take that away.”

No you’re not sorry ma, you’re just high on the same cheap drug Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Roman-Numeral use all the time.

For me, this isn’t about Foluke Daramola alone or gender equality. It’s about a whole lot of actors and actresses make inane statements all the time and stir up needless controversies. I know people are human, but humans have brains and not Tiger Head batteries that run out up there right? So warrisaldis?

Maybe we expect too much.

Sometimes because of situations like this, you’re almost forced to conclude that the only way an actor, actress or even a music artist won’t say something you wouldn’t readily dismiss outright as being stupid is when they’re going by a script.

And it’s a darn shame really. Of course you have a right to an opinion. If she had just said what she said without adding the label “women’s rights activist”, I would be forgiving. But you just don’t say shit, add a label that absolutely contradicts your utterances and then feel the world will be fine with such core-numbing claptrap.

No, the world’s going to stop turning for a bit, contemplate if such an asinine comment is worth sending us to hell for, decide that people are gonna call you out anyway, then keep turning.

That’s how one aunty she-who-must-not-be-named-here spent years tearing womanhood down but suddenly morphed into a feminist mouthing some ‘I’m doing this for women out there…’ shtick once another artist high on whatever it is they’re having these days threatened to beat her up.

That’s how some actress, singer, ‘vlogger’ got someone else’s husband to leave his wife and move in with her (abi what’s the story again?) while still posting videos like ‘how to keep your man’. Except that’s satirical and what you’re actually doing is covertly aimed at how to take anyone’s man (however nonsensical that sounds) I don’t get it.

See, we’re used to just seeing you people on screen, acting a script that has been written by supposedly sane people who have made us believe that it’s all fiction and you might have sense in real life.

We want to believe so, but some of you keep doing stupid Shit. We can’t deal with this kind of confusion so pick a struggle abeg.

If you’re coming out to order some unscripted opinion that is all yours, try and make it make sense.

Or you can keep sharing those basic Instagram photos with simple captions that read ‘To God be the Glory’. We’re sure you can manage that.

Thank you.

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