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AY Makun’s Show Was Trash, Here’s Why

We cannot be having progressive conversations about sexual abuse and AY will drag us 10 years behind



We all knew AY wasn’t funny, now he’s proved to be silly as well.

Yes, he is a good businessman and he understands the show business. Yes, he makes movies that break records and sell out and make millions of naira.

But no, he has never been a funny stand-up comedian and it’s safe to say he’s never going to be.

Just days ago, he and Helen Paul made jokes about Kemen of BBNaija abusing fellow housemate, TBoss sexually.

Once again, in case you didn’t know, touching a person sexually without their consent is sexual assault. Yes, it happens a lot, people do it and say they’re ‘trying their luck’, but it’s a crime. Now that you know, you’re welcome.

AY and Helen Paul made lame jokes about Kemen’s actions and got a lot of flak for it online, deservedly. Even Rita Dominic spoke up about it and made it known that sexual harassment is not a topic to be jocular about.

Did AY stop to think that maybe he was wrong and shouldn’t have made such a tasteless joke (on top of his already boring jokes)? No. Instead, Mr. Makun thinks everyone is just making unnecessary noise and being keyboard warriors.

So at his own show, he said it with his own mouth that it is easy for us all to make noise online without understanding exactly what he was saying. So he said what he was saying again, and it is still trash a second time.

He proceeded to reiterate his silly views and re-emphasize his support for Kemen, asking that he be forgiven and not be judged for his ‘mistake’ because ‘he no kill person’ and after all, he apologized.

First of all, Kemen can take that stinking excuse of an apology and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. That is not an apology. And there is a difference between saying sorry and actually being sorry.

That farce of an apology was basically Kemen blaming the game and TBoss for his own actions. He didn’t admit that he was wrong or that he acted inappropriately. Instead, he said he ‘overplayed’ the game. I call bullshit.

Thin Tall Tony can claim that he overplayed the game and that explanation could fly. Why? His marriage is his business, what he makes of his marriage is his business.

And if he wanted to deny the existence of his family for a few weeks as part of his strategy for BBN, he has broken no laws.

All the outrage directed at Tony came from a moral point of view. He could have been morally wrong to deny his family, but legally, he did no wrong. His under-the-covers activities with Bisola were also consensual, they were even a couple in the house.

Kemen on the other hand did not simply ‘misbehave’ as AY suggests. He committed sexual assault and was disqualified for it.

The brand is wrong to continue to associate with him and give him the same benefits and privileges as other housemates. But even that is their own folly, it is their brand and they can drag it in the mud if they crave notoriety so much.

AY on the other hand, decided of his own violation to support and make excuses for a sexual offender. For the life of me, I can’t understand why.

He dragged TBoss by the hand and said, ‘Me and this babe trend well well’, referring to his and Helen Paul’s collective gaffe days before. Then he proceeded to look her up and down, saying ‘she gather goods’.

As in she has nice tits and a cute ass so who can blame any man for wanting a piece of that.

He also rubbed her legs and made a lame comment about her shoes and how she must’ve gotten it off a private jet. A joke AY could have made without touching her like that but hey, she’s hot and like Kemen, ‘small touch’ is allowed, right?

Not once did AY show half as much concern for the victim as he has repeatedly shown Kemen, the perpetrator. He couldn’t be bothered about her at all but he’s all for begging the world to forgive Kemen.

Since he seems so convinced that Kemen is a changed man, I’m wondering why he couldn’t even ask the actual person Kemen assaulted to forgive him. Why? She obviously doesn’t matter in AY’s estimation.

First, AY said people were complaining about his joke at Warri Again and he proceeded to repeat himself for the avoidance of doubt. He is solidly behind Kemen.

He also said that we should forget about what he did in the house and what we saw on our screens and encourage him. ‘Na because camera dey inside the house, that is why we fit judge am.’

Moral of this? When you want to assault someone sexually, make sure there are no cameras in sight so as to avoid ‘judgment’.

In other words, nobody was supposed to know that Kemen was being ‘naughty’ so no harm was meant. Blame it all on those annoying cameras that caught it on tape and Big Brother that broadcast it to the world. Blame anyone and everyone but Kemen.

Second, he said while girls could complain about Kemen’s actions, men should keep quiet about it because it is something they all do. Yikes! Men standing up for women must really be uncomfortable for Mr. Makun that is why he’s willing to paint them all with the same brush and claim that all men touch women without their consent.

Interesting. I’m surprised that men haven’t come out to defend themselves with #NotAllMen on this one because I refuse to believe that this is the MO for all Nigerian men.

When they say #MenAreScum, men jump in to defend themselves but someone has called all of them sexual assaulters now and I’m yet to see a defence. Men, WYD?

Third, Mr. Makun made light of the fact that women face this kind of assault and abuse when they are alone with men. He said we all know how two boobs are encased in the bra and how men grope and grope till one is out of the bra cup.

‘Girls, bear me witness. If una go man house sometimes, una no dey fit sleep till daybreak. Before you know wetin dey happen, na two dey inside your bra, one don come out.’

So while he knows that this can be a problem, he wants us to just downplay it in an effort to make it seem normal. I rolled my eye all the way to the back of my head when he said this rubbish.

Tboss’ brother, Christopher didn’t find the humour in AY’s jokes on Sunday either

We cannot be having progressive conversations about sexual abuse and AY will drag us 10 years behind because he is trying to be funny.

He can make his jokes off other topics if he is really funny instead of making a crime seem cool. Heck, he can even make jokes that show that all forms of sexual abuse are bad and inexcusable.

Sensible and funny comedians who have managed to pull it off in the past don’t have two heads, I promise you.

Then he also said that women can now evade these scenarios these days since Uber can get them to their own houses at any time. ‘Thank God for Uber. Now girls dem know how to escape. All these ones wey dem dey here so dem don dey chop chicken chop everything, when e reach 2am now them go say my driver is very close. God will judge all of you’

Ha! Sorry o. We apologise for choosing to go home instead of following men to their houses and keep vigil for the rest of the night, trying to make sure that they don’t pull one breast out of the bra the way AY already described.

Mr. Makun said that the ladies at his own show, (who left the comfort of their houses to listen to his boring jokes) who have been eating and drinking on the bill of men were going to escape because they’d simply book an Uber home and not have to stay with said man all night.

Not only did he imply that women cannot afford his own show on their own, he implied that men who pay for women to attend that show deserved sex in return and women were defaulting by escaping to their houses. He even asked God to judge such women.

Like, how dare you run away to your house instead of repaying the person who brought you to AY Live with sex? Yes, God, judge this babe because she refused to fornicate.

Despicable. It is hard to believe that AY, with all his education thinks no differently from those who have none. Again, this is someone in the Nigerian entertainment industry actively promoting the notion that men are entitled to women’s bodies.

Be it that they are horny, or that they bought you a ticket to a show, let them use your body when they feel like.

Fourth, AY said that Kemen was horny and that was why he did what he did. Really? Is he trying to tell me that once a man is horny, he loses all thinking capacity and becomes a wild animal that’d devour any prey in his path?

‘You know wetin be konji?’ he kept asking the audience. Apparently, konji is an excuse for inappropriate sexual behaviour. And if that is the case, then poverty is an excuse for stealing then.

Fifth is the filth that is ‘Please encourage this young man. That’s all I said. E no kill person. Make e go die.’

Really? Okay, sexual assault is very fine and dandy but AY draws the line at murder? Cool. Until e kill person, he has definitely done nothing wrong. We should encourage him, why? No sensible reason other than the fact that he didn’t commit murder.

‘Encourage this man. He has a life. Nobody be God. Even God sef dey forgive all of us.’

In other words, everyone should stop talking about the issue and automatically forgive because AY said so. TBoss should suck it up because God forgives her too so Kemen is entitled to her forgiveness by default.

If AY has good friends or advisers, now is the time to sit him down and talk sense into him. For him to openly endorse Kemen and pledge his support for him is low already.

Then capping it off by making excuses for his despicable actions and blaming it on konji is downright foolish. Yes, I said it. Bite me.

If Payporte and BBNaija have decided to trivialize Kemen’s actions by continually associating with him for whatever reason which is best known to them, others should not go out of their way to tow that path.

AY has also retweeted several tweets that align with his faulty line of thought. Tweets along the line of ‘Oh what if Kemen falls into depression and eventually commits suicide because of this?’

What is most annoying about this hypothetical scenario these people are painting is that they haven’t for once painted this same scenario with TBoss in mind. Have they bothered to think that TBoss herself, the victim, might fall into depression because of this?

I mean someone assaulted her in her sleep, in front of half the world yet she is being bullied, blamed and cussed for it every single day. But no, it is Kemen who can’t keep his hands to himself who deserves empathy and cuddling so he doesn’t get depressed. Wild.

At this point, even the other housemates need to speak up because their silence is consent, compliance and complicity. Any single one of them who has an atom if decency in him or her should refuse to be photographed alongside Kemen who was disqualified.

Even if he wasn’t disqualified for an issue as sensitive as sexual assault, it is a disservice to the housemates who weren’t disqualified to be granted the same privileges as him.

Tboss and Kemen attended same perty organised for the former BBNaija housemates recently, though both avoided each other

Sports medallists who are disqualified for any reason return their medals and lose certain privileges as consequences for their actions.

Usain Bolt is one medal short because of the actions of a teammate but people like AY think disqualification is enough for Kemen.

No one is asking for Kemen’s head on a platter. But he isn’t the victim here, TBoss is. And no matter how sorry he may be (please that disgusting apology doesn’t count), he ought to face the consequences of his actions.

AY is talking off point by saying that even God is a forgiving God. Yes, God is a forgiving God but that doesn’t mean He has said man wouldn’t face the consequences of his actions. God also forgives us when we repent and ask for forgiveness, something Kemen is yet to do till date.

He forgave Adam and Eve for their disobedience but they were still cast out of Eden because they ate of the forbidden tree. So I don’t see the point AY is trying to make.

AY knows that Kemen is wrong yet he chose to defend and support him. Why? To crack a few boring jokes? AY says he doesn’t support those kind of things, after all, he has a wife and a daughter.

But why must we only empathize when we have a personal connection to the victim? Is it that he wouldn’t be opposed to such behaviour if he didn’t have a daughter and wife?

Why must we always ask ‘what if she were your sister/daughter/mother’ before we can understand or admit or agree that something is wrong?

This daughter of his that he was quick to mention, would she be proud of the kind of distasteful jokes her father told and his trivialization of sexual assault when she is an informed adult and watches these videos?

Would he trust his daughter or sister or any woman he cares about with Kemen in light of Kemen’s actions?

Has AY asked himself this? No. He is probably busy thinking of another boring joke to tell instead of being introspective.

AY has always been an unfunny comedian, which is okay, it’s not a crime. However in the past few days, with his endorsement of rape culture, he has proved himself to be a cringe-worthy person.

People like AY are even more dangerous than people like Kemen because they’re enablers. It is because of people who normalize actions like this that rape culture thrives. It is because of people like AY who are patting Kemen on the head and asking the rest of us to stop overreacting and forgive him already that Kemen himself is acting like he’s the victim.

It is because of people like AY that teenage boys think sexual assault is normal and they are allowed to grab at a girl’s body parts because ‘they know what konji is’ and it is a valid excuse to grope a sleeping or unconscious girl.

When we talk about sexual assaulters, let us remember that those who make excuses for them like AY is doing for Kemen, embolden them.

Side note: We will continue to have these conversations and we shan’t stop talking about these issues. As long as people like AY think people like Kemen are being ‘judged’, people like us will judge people like them even more harshly.

Deal with it.

This post first appeared on NET.


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  1. This is trash, all these to drag AY to the mud ? If you are not okay with the apology tendered by Mr AY, i will suggest that you hug the nearest transformer.

  2. Come ooo na wich kind bizy body writeup be dis sef…if u no lyk joke go grave joor….nobody dey smile der….haba shey d guy don apologize… Must u carry am on top ur head….i cnt blive i opened dis trash cos of tboss nd kemen where dem dey wen ay dey hustle…lyk say na dem win,i no go hear word…abeg talk beta

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