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Blossom And Maureen Separation, And How It Affects Lilian Esoro

Blossom Chukwujekwu and his wife, Maureen are reportedly no longer together.

According to blogger, Stella Dimorkokus, who initially broke the news, Blossom has reportedly moved out of the home he shared with his now estranged wife, Maureen.

The marriage was only 3 years old.

And Blossom and Maureen were a well loved couple on social media.

But that is not where the story stops. According to this same report, Blossom has not only told Maureen’s parents he is no longer interested in their daughter, he has also knocked someone up.

The person in question is Actress, Lilian Esoro.

Now, this is where it gets interesting.

Four years ago, while on the set of Taste of Love, a telenovela, Blossom and Lilian were an item.

It was where people started to see them together publicly within the industry anyway.

At the time, Blossom reportedly liked Lilian. And their affair meant a lot to him.

It was also said that he was shocked, like a lot of people when Lilian and Ubi got engaged.

However, whatever he may have felt at the time soon became history.

Or not.

If the rumors are true though, Blossom and Lilian just may never have been over.

The Actress who has managed to keep a low profile for a while now, is not new to the spotlight being on her.

However, it is no news that Nigerians ‘loathe’ anyone they regard as ‘homewreckers’. A category Lilian would easily fall in if this were true.

Would this affect her acting career or her public image – that will unfold in time.

However, one thing is for sure, her social media page will have some different attention in the coming days.

And Nigerians vested in her private life would demand answers.

But considering the type of privacy Lilian has adopted for her personal life, it is not likely she would ever dedicate too much time to this.

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