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Cinema Review: “3 Is Company” Pulls Off A Near-Perfect Show


With four actors, 3 is Company tells a story of a happy couple – Chuma and Eunice Eze – and their friend, Fred (Wole Ojo) who always tags along. While Fred sees them out one morning, he spots a colleague of the wife’s, Kubnse (Peggy Ovire), someone Eunice (Yvonne Jegede) isn’t quite fond of, and is determined to woo her.

In a bid to get the girl to like him, Fred gets himself on Eunice’s bad side and consequently, on Chuma’s (OC Ukeje). He tries to convince the ladies to settle their work-induced differences, but not before Eunice reveals to Kubnse that she’s nothing but a fifty-thousand Naira bet Fred made with Chuma to get her to fall for him. Fred soon becomes the enemy.

I love the chemistry between the couple and among the friends. It just flows with such ease. Fred and Chuma relate like they’ve been friends from birth, and the way Chuma stands up for his wife is just adorable. With a cast as few as four, 3 is Company pulls off a good show without boring its audience. This only happens with a really good story.

The plot is not-so-common and the execution of it is a brilliant attempt. Ernest Obi shows off some good directing in this 2015 flick. Kudos.

Peggy and Yvonne make the movie a little less intriguing with their pointless brawls, mostly punctuated by shouting, hissing and eye-rolling. Peggy, in particular, doesn’t bring a very believable performance to the table, and her transitioning from ‘bitchy’ co-worker to attempted peace-maker isn’t as smooth as one would expect. Perhaps a more concrete purpose for the hatred other than same old jealousy would have done the plot more justice.

The constant interchanging of ‘Rivers’ and ‘Cross River’ is also a cause for concern. In order to be with his girl, Fred, at the end of the movie relocates to Cross River. The girl is then said to have been transferred to Rivers. For someone who knows both States, I cannot understand how Rivers and Cross Rivers could mean the same thing, heck, they aren’t even neighbours! Get your geography straight, folks.

I commend them for the semblance of research that went into the Oil and Gas/ procurement terminologies. Unlike many Nollywood movies which generalizes the word ‘Office’, 3 is Company goes into specifics, and that’s applaudable, even though I doubt that Oil and Gas workers with choking deadlines are usually this idle.

Ultimately, 3 is Company is fun to watch. The major conflict, though inane and near-stupid, has its own entertainment perks, something of a cat fight. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t slightly enjoy a cat fight.

For its mostly fine acting, engaging conversations, and solid storyline, 3 is Company passes for a good movie, and Yvonne Jegede, who doubles as lead character and producer, should give herself a handshake for commendable effort.

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