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CJ Obasi To Direct Nnedi Okorafor’s Witchcraft Story, “Hello Moto”

After the completion of the shoot of his short film Bruja, CJ Obasi is set to make Nigerian author Nnedi Okorafor‘s science-meets-witchcraft – Hello Moto his next project.

Okorafor is a Nigerian-American writer of fantasy, science fiction, and speculative fiction and a winner of the Hugo Award for Best Novella.

Hello Moto is a 2011 story about a woman who discovers that there is a witchcraft in science and a science in witchcraft when she creates wigs for her friends that gives them incredible powers.

In Hello Moto, scientist and witch Rain hopes that her inventions, wigs that allow their wearers to wield influence and power, will help battle corruption. Instead, she watches her friends Philo and Coco themselves become corrupted, turning them against Rain as she attempts to make up for what she’s done. And yes, the title does refer to that iconic ringtone, which plays a key role in the story.

Details on this later.

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