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It Was A Distasteful Stunt, Ani Iyoho Is Fine


Just as we suspected, the Ani Iyoho story is false. The actor is fine.

A “concerned” email was circulated earlier today claiming that the Nollywood actor had been badly burnt by a set fire that went out of hand on location of Stanlee Ohikhuare‘s Behind the Wheels.

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While we couldn’t directly reach Ani, we attempted to get in touch with the director to ascertain the authenticity of the report. This also proved unsuccessful. However, TNS was later able to reach an actor (name withheld) who was on the set of the film and he denied any tragedy on set.

“Na lie, Ani is fine. Nothing happened to him,” he said before continuing, “He has been attending several events after we completed shoot. I don’t know if the director is in on this stunt but we discussed something like that a few weeks ago.”

So, folks, as you were.

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