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What To Expect At A Nollywood Audition

When you plan to attend an acting audition, it is important that you are prepared for whatever comes your way.

Generally, you will be working with people that you hardly know. Those present at the audition will most likely be you, the casting director, perhaps and a group of judges and maybe some cameramen.

It is important for you to know what to expect at acting auditions so that you can prep yourself up beforehand.

Here are some touch points to anticipate at auditions:


  • Introductions. As a general rule, you will be introduced or be asked to introduce yourself. It is wise to keep that short because there are several other hopefuls waiting on the queue. The producers do not have all day! Say your name confidently, smile and do your thing.

    ‘MTV Shuga’ auditions hold soon


  • Striking a perfect pose for the camera. At the auditions, it is very likely that pictures of you will be taken so you should try as much as possible to hide your nerves and smile happily. Take a deep breath, relax and smile.  Basically, just do whatever makes you relaxed. Your smiley face might just be the reason you get to be picked when the judges are reviewing all the acts at the end of the day (of course if you blew them away with your acting).


  • Getting over the butterflies in your belly! As an up and coming actor, it is only normal to feel butterflies in your belly (it will go away soon). Some acting auditions also have online versions. For instance, online auditions are also being held for the new season of the MTV Shuga TV drama series to be produced in Nigeria, in addition to physical auditions to be held on August 12, 2017. If you are already thinking of going for the MTV Shuga auditions, visit www.mtvshuga.com


Auditions for the show are now open
  • The spotlight. For physical auditions, there will be a designated spot for you to stand while giving your presentation. Try not to jump all over the place, except you are auditioning for a role in the “Fuji House of Commotion” comedy series.


  • Acting the script. Most likely, you will be reading from a script.  If you are lucky to get the script before the auditions, do a thorough job of studying and practicing. If you get to see the script only when you are on the hot seat, it is ok to ask for some time to get your “act” together.


  • Missed lines and every other things that could go wrong. Don’t be hard on yourself if you have to repeat your lines one or two times. The judges will sure understand. However, do not repeat yourself too many times).

  • You are expected to show some respect!: It is important that you show some respect to the people you will be working with. Thank those present after your audition and hope for the best.


The most important thing at every audition is to give your very best because only the best stands a chance of being selected.

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