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In My Head: “What If I Impregnated Freda Francis? Na Today?” – AY Makun Defiant About Rumours

Amidst the controversy about whether or not AY Makun is the mystery father of Freda Francis‘ baby, and the alarm his wife, Mabel raised while asking Freda to stay away from her husband, I had a quick chat with the A Trip to Jamaica producer.

AY Makun & Freda Francis
AY Makun & Freda Francis

AY: This has to be quick please. I need to get back to promoting my movie.

ME: It’s fine. Thank you for agreeing to talk to me. So, I guess you already know why we are having this discussion in the first place. It’s about you and Freda Francis. There are rumours you are the father of the unborn child she is carrying. Even your wife has come out with screenshots. What do you have to say?

AY: Nothing.

ME: What do you mean nothing?

AY: Nothing nah. Abi you wan make I talk say your fada?

ME: My father? He’s not the one people are saying is about to have a child out of wedlock. It is you.

AY: And so if I impregnated Freda, is it something new?

ME: You’re married. It’s going to be a scandal. It already is sef.

AY: Hehehe. Because most of these celebs cover up? That na why you think say people never hear dis kain thing before. So what if na me give am belle? Abeg abeg! Na today?

ME: But your wife seemed hurt sharing those screenshots.

AY: Leave my wife for me abeg. Na me get my thing.

ME: So those alleged WhatsApp chats between you and Freda are true?

AY: [shrugs] Who cares?

ME: Your wife obviously does. So also do those who think AY would never do such a thing.

AY: I resemble Jesus of Nazareth? Abi na me be Pope Francis? [laughs to self] [with a huge grin] You see what I did there? ‘Francis’ Hahaha. Too funny.

ME: [aside] Not funny sir.

AY: You say?

ME: Nothing.

AY: My wife put something for Instagram, all of una dey kolo. I don see my name for every blog wey dey dis country since morning. Even una wey be TNS sef don carry am. Everywhere I turn, na AY this, Freda that. Una no even shout on top my upcoming film like this.

ME: Because this is huge, AY. Very huge.

AY: What if I tell you say all this na publicity stunt? Ehn?

ME: [shocked] It doesn’t look like it.

AY: But what if I say na stunt?

ME: Well, I think you are too big for that.

AY: [laughs] Una go know.

ME: Meaning?

AY: [gets up to leave] I gots return to my hustle abeg. No vex.


If you believe this conversation occurred anywhere apart from inside the writer’s head, then please go into the nearest bank tomorrow and use his name to collect any amount you want.

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