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Game Of Thrones 6: Australia Tops World In Illegal Downloads


According to Torrent Freak, the first episode of Game of Thrones‘ sixth season which premiered on Monday was the most-watched program in the history of pay television in Australia, the country which led the world in illegal downloads.

Within 12 hours of its premiere, more than a million downloads were recorded in what was an absolute piracy craze. People from all over the world grabbed a copy via BitTorrent.

For several years in a row Game of Thrones has been the most pirated television show, and this year the interest did not by any means diminish.

Torrent Freak says that locations of the most popular torrent show that Game of Thrones pirates come from all over the world with Australia accounting for 12.5% of the global total. India came in second place with 9.7%, while United States (8.5%) and the United Kingdom (6.9%) followed.

The top 10 is completed by the Philippines, Canada, the Netherlands, Greece, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. It has to be noted, however, that this data is skewed due to time differences due to the 12 hour period the sample was taken in.

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