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“Game Of Thrones” Was Pirated Over One Billion Times

Compared to 200 million legal views

The recently concluded seventh season of Game of Thrones broke all records and is indeed the most popular televison show on earth. While only 200 million people watched it legally, it was pirated an incredible seven billion times!

Game of Thrones
‘Game of Thrones’


According to online content protection company Muso, who monitored illicit streams, torrents and direct downloads of the program, estimates that each episode of the seventh season was pirated an average of one billion times each.

Game of Thrones have always drawn attraction from hackers who often leak episodes before they’re aired; 1, 029, 787,668 by September is staggering by any standards.

Interesting, the finale did not get the most views; the second to the last episode takes that crown, with 184 million illegal views.

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