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“Godfather” Director Takes Shot At US President-Elect, Donald Trump

The legendary Hollywood director takes “immigrant” swipe at Donald Trump while suggesting what the US government under the president-elect should build.


Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola has suggested that among what the incoming government of Trump is planning to build/rebuild in the American society, a new power grid should be top on the list.

In an letter featured in New York times, Coppola stated that an imaginative new grid would store energy for intervals, ready whenever and wherever needed for use. He couldn’t help, however, taking a shot at Trump by ending his letter with “Perhaps an immigrant like Nikola Tesla will help solve it.”

Read the letter below:

To the Editor:

Re “Trump-Size Idea for a New President: Build Stuff,” by James B. Stewart (Common Sense column, front page, Nov. 18):

I thought this article was extremely interesting and relevant, although one essential example was missing: a new power grid for the country.

With modern renewable power sources dependent on intermittent conditions (sunshine for solar, wind for turbines), an imaginative new grid would be able to store energy for limited intervals, to be available whenever and wherever needed.

This is a challenge we are capable of meeting with America’s technical ingenuity. Perhaps an immigrant like Nikola Tesla will help solve it.


Rutherford, Calif.

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