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Health Controversy: Here’s Full Transcript Of Baba Suwe & Yomi Fabiyi’s Phone Conversation


The conversation between Nollywood actors, Baba Suwe and Yomi Fabiyi that was released to clear the air on the embattled comic actor’s supposed ill-health, due to the alleged torture he suffered at the hands of NDLEA, has since gone viral.

Thenetng has obtained a full transcript of the phone conversation, in which Yomi tried to absolve himself of any blame for revealing his idol’s plight to the public.

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Baba Suwe: Hello, I thought you didn’t want to pick my call. I think you flashed me tonight?

Yomi Fabiyi: [Laughs] How will I flash you. I just wanted to greet you and check on your health, as I haven’t come back since I left you. Because as we finished the meeting I just went straight home.

Baba Suwe: When did you finish?

Yomi Fabiyi: Around evening time.

Baba Suwe: What exactly did they say happened?

Yomi Fabiyi: I think Dele Odule… the Board of Trustees called the members to talk to them. I think he is having a problem with the members. So they called a meeting because the members are complaining he is too strict.

Baba Suwe: [Cuts in] They say he’s too strict?

Yomi Fabiyi: Yeah, that he is too strict or something. That the association is not progressing.

Baba Suwe: About what Yinka (Quadri) said earlier, we have to know what we have to do. I think you already know what to do, about the NDLEA issue. What he said you should say about them, you remember?

Yomi Fabiyi: Yeah, I’m doing that. The problem with people is, they believe with what you said (about your health being okay), that you probably have an agreement with NDLEA, or they caught something (drugs) on you and I’m leading the fight. That you’re shying away from confronting them (NDLEA, because they caught you with something).

Baba Suwe: That I’m shying away from challenging them?

Yomi Fabiyi: Yeah. That you have probably begged them after they caught you with drugs but I’m the one leading the fight to defend you. That’s what it looks to people. You understand?

Baba Suwe: Ok, yeah.

Yomi Fabiyi : But I know that for them to respond, even though they lied, at least they know…

Baba Suwe: [Cuts in] They responded? What did they lie about?

Yomi Fabiyi: They didn’t lie… They just said they didn’t maltreat you, that they treated you respectably well.

Baba Suwe: Ha…

Yomi Fabiyi: But I know it’s all lies.

Baba Suwe: I understand.

Yomi Fabiyi: But, I’ll just make them understand that if they know truthfully… that a court of law case is different, I’m calling them to a court of conscience. Even if it’s just to come out with a public message that they’re sorry for the way Baba Suwe was maltreated years ago, that they lied about what you didn’t do.

So, it will clear you of all blemishes and prevent people from looking at you like a criminal if you want to go to your in-laws’ house (with your son) to ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage in the future or even wherever you go.

Baba Suwe: Yes, yes, yes…

Yomi Fabiyi: That was what I was trying to achieve (crying out publicly) a couple of days ago, before people came to lie to you that I said…

Baba Suwe: That you were begging for funds for me…

Yomi Fabiyi: Why would I do such? I’ll now do something like that for someone who is my idol. You should know I’ll never do such. Did we not talk about it that I’ll never do such?

Baba Suwe: Okay. [Clears throat] Just call me to update me…

Yomi Fabiyi: I’ll be coming to check on you. And again, as brother Gboyega is not there with you, hope you’re taking your medication regularly?

Baba Suwe: Which one?

Yomi Fabiyi: You know it’s brother Gboyega that gingers you…

Baba Suwe: [Cuts in] I’m using them now, I’m taking them myself. I already know the dosage now, I’m using them.

Yomi Fabiyi: Okay. I also won’t be too distant from you. Sorry.

Baba Suwe: Yeah, Okay.

Yomi Fabiyi: Later, I’ll wade into Junior’s issue. I saw him today, I wasn’t happy. I’ll come back to meet him later.

Baba Suwe: Okay. Thank you.

Listen to the conversation HERE.


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