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Hello Nigerian Bloggers, Are We This Foolish?

So I wrote a satirical piece on TNS, one of the “In My Head” series, where it is stated CLEARLY (twice too!) that the “interview” I did with AY Makun about the Freda Francis pregnancy rumours is fictional.

In the last three days, many Naija blogs have picked it up as a TRUE news piece, saying AY granted TNS the interview. Now, I am left to wonder what “In My Head” and the disclaimer at the end of the piece: ”

Now, I am left to wonder what “In My Head” and the disclaimer at the end of the piece: “If you believe this conversation occurred anywhere apart from inside the writer’s head, then please go into the nearest bank tomorrow and use his name to collect any amount you want” actually mean.

Many people don’t take the media seriously in this country and this is a plain example of why that is so.

Why this is almost unforgivable for me is because it walks, smells and tastes like dumb – the act.

The comments that have followed such posts have been equally dumbfounding.


It reminds me of that time when Lanre GentryMercy Aigbe‘s estranged husband flew to the TNS Instagram page and inbox to threaten us with a lawsuit over what was CLEARLY another satirical piece.

Is this how bad blogging has become in Nigeria and is this how dumb many members of this social media generation is? But Gentry belongs to the older generation nah.

So, ordinary satire and sarcasm is effortlessly flying over our heads now?

Abeg I gats faint. If not, I go faint.

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Written by Segun Odejimi

Apostle of Sarcasm. Writer. Former Editor of TNSnigeria. Producer, Segun & the Gang. Facebook Nigeria Trainer.

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