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How Chris Ihidero, Ayeni Adekunle & Emma Uduma Trained 37 Storytellers At #StoryStoryNG Masterclass

Between Monday, April 16 and Wednesday, April 18, 2018, the third in the now anticipated storytelling masterclass – StoryStory – held in Lagos.

StoryStory, according to the convener Chris Ihidero, is his way of paying tribute to his late teacher and one of Nollywood greats, Amaka Igwe as well as giving back all that he was given freely by way of masterful storytelling knowledge.

In about two weeks after the call for applications was made, over seventy applications were received from people who told stories in several spheres of life – actors, producers, writers, photographers, journalists, radio presenters, poets, painters. Going by the testimonies from the first two editions of the masterclass, these people were highly interested in learning from someone who has MTV Shuga production, Africa Magic Hush head writing, Big Daddy directing and more to his credit.

But of the dozens of applications, only a little less than forty spaces were available. And on the morning of Monday, April 16, 2018, the successful participants gathered in the conference room of SMATmedia, a production company that has successfully turned out two seasons of perhaps the biggest TV series in Africa and owned by Ihidero’s close pal, another storytelling king, Emmanuel Uduma.

For three days, the participants laughed, watched movie clips, listened to music and poetry, unlearned, relearned, interacted, enquired, argued and shared.

On the second day, Emma Uduma was on ground to share his experiences in the world of storytelling and how to gauge content consumers demands through research.


Joining Ihidero on the final day of the series was PR genius and BlackHouse Media boss, Ayeni Adekunle Samuel. Ayeni emphasized to the participants how important it was for today’s storyteller to understand the various digital platforms and how they could be used for business purposes.

According to Ayeni, the storyteller after understanding the art of storytelling must also learn the business of the craft as well as understand how to keep up with the trend of content consumption.



Some of the participants, after the masterclass said:

Not sure what I was expecting but I definitely got way more than I bargained for. @storystoryNG 3.0 with @Chrisihidero was awesome! You’ll wish you met the iconic Amaka Igwe but you’ll be grateful to listen and learn from someone that learnt from her and worked with her… – @missy_uyi

Thank you, @Chrisihidero for giving three days of your life to help us tell better stories. Thank you @storystoryNG! #StoryStoryNG#LFA#AmakaIgwe#Legend – @Aee_Fx

Really glad I was shortlisted. The Masterclass was great. Thanks @Chrisihidero Thanks @storystoryNG – @KelechuckwuIruoma


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Written by Segun Odejimi

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Trained as a media/theatre artist and has worked in advertising, TV and radio.