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“How I Was Molested” – Nollywood Actor, Kalu Ikeagwu


Following earlier reports of Nollywood actor Kalu Ikeagwu getting kidnapped, then arrested, he has cleared the air on what exactly went down at the hands of supposed policemen.

Debunking reports that he was arrested, Kalu stated that though the ‘media has been awash with the ‘copy and paste’ story of my purported arrest by the ‘police’, he ‘was literally abducted at gunpoint by earring wearing men purported to be policemen (they were five) in an unmarked Hiace bus with civilian number plates and fake identity cards.’

He said he became more confused about the situation when ‘they first claimed to be working on an Abuja abduction case which changed to a robbery case, all while in transit. Even on getting to the police station I was not allowed to go in to the premises but was held outside. I repeatedly asked to go into the station where I’d feel safer to ask whatever questions that were burning in my mind regarding my traumatic experience. It did not happen. Instead they told me a phone used for a kidnap was being sought for, later the story changed to robbery then back to kidnap.

Despite his purported arrest however, Kalu says it seemed strange he was not instructed to write ‘any police statement in any police station’which left him wondering why he ‘was molested and kidnapped just because a purported phone no was supposedly tracked to phone. Why would they have to harass me when they already had details of the buyer and seller of the phone? In a legitimate situation, the seller of the stolen phone should be the key witness in this investigation, but in this case the police are till now very reluctant to meet the seller.’

He ended by expressing his disappointment at some media reports of the news without verification, as he intends to ‘unravel the mysteries’ behind the ‘police molestation’.

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