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John Boyega Wants To Spend 8 Billion Naira On A “Low Budget” Nigerian Movie

Looks like someone actually knows the power of Nollywood. British Nigerian actor John Boyega best known for his role in Star Wars- and of course being proudly Naija – recently disclosed what he has in plans. It’s a lot of zeroes!

While speaking on a CNBC interview, Boyega mentioned that making a low budget Nigerian movie was on his radar. We’re developing a few Nigerian stories and choosing one which makes sense budget-wise. We’re probably looking at an indie budget of $20-$25 million dollars’he said.

Twenty-five million dollars may seem like a ‘low budget’ compared to his latest flick Pacific Rim which has a budget of $150 million. But in an industry where budgets are a tiny fraction of that, seven billion Naira will be a major move.

Boyega also goes on to say that there are certain Nollywood actors he would like to work with.  It’s a chance for me to develop these stories, merge Hollywood with Nollywood, to bring the genuine and most important stories to light but captured in a very important and professional way.

“I’ve been interested in Nigerian stories for a very very long time. It’s just that now I’ve worked to a point where I have the opportunity to do something.’

This post first appeared on NET.

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