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“And So What If I Joke About Rape, Is It My Fault I’ve Never Been Raped?” – Okon Lagos (IN MY HEAD)


Nollywood actor Imeh Bishop also known as Okon Lagos has come under criticism for his interpretation of the recent show of inhumanity by police officers (almost always this set of humans àbí? Sigh) to a number of commercial sex workers in Abuja.

The policemen not only arrested these women for being prostitutes, they also raped them with some using pure water nylons as condoms.

Okon Lagos while attempting to make an Instagram funny video said what the policemen should have been accused of is theft because the violated women sell sex, and the sex was forcefully taken from them.

A few days after, he released another video in which he said he stood by his earlier interpretation.

Now, in a WhatsApp exchange we had after I got in touch with him yesterday, he has gone a step further in his attempt to make people see this from his point of view.

Below is our exchange:

Imeh Bishop
Imeh Bishop (AKA Okon Lagos)

SEGUN: Hi Imeh, about your recent videos on the Abuja women…

OKON: Pls why are all of you shouting? Thats why you’re chatting me too? So I cannot make joke again? Some of idiots even saying am not funny? God safe us.

SEGUN: LOL. I’m not shouting. I’m chatting.

OKON: I did not understand why everyone is angry I interpett what they cannot see. Is not about rape joke. Why should I make rape joke? But what if I make rape joke? So what if I joke about it? Am I the one that say people should be raped? Or is my fault I have never been raped or that am a man?

SEGUN: There are men who get raped too.

OKON: Is a lie. A man cannot be rape.

SEGUN: But we have seen instances where men are forced to have sex with one or more women too.

OKON: That one cannot be rape now. That is free fuck. Fuck that you did not work for. And you call that rape? Abegg.

SEGUN: Is this another of your jokes?

OKON: Have you paid me to joke for you?

SEGUN: LOL no. Don’t think I might. Not a fan of your jokes.

OKON: I don’t care. And all of you saying dry jokes, whether I make dry jokes or not, is my mouth and my Instagram.

SEGUN: Your Instagram? I thought like Facebook, it belonged to Mark Zuckerberg.

OKON: I mean my account. Instagram accunt.

SEGUN: My bad. I thought you had bought the platform. These days one can’t really keep up with all these acquisitions.

OKON: See ehn, an ashawo is an ashawo. You can never rape an ashawo. Ashawo work does not have dignity. If all of you are afraid to say it, I will say it.

SEGUN: Really? You think their self-worth is tied to that? How about the men who patronise them?

OKON: Are the men ashawo? Is it the men that stand in Allen by 3am? In fact, look. The men are doing them a favour by buying.

SEGUN: A favour? Really! How?

OKON: If they did not sleep with them and give them money, how will they survive? Tell me.

SEGUN: They are patronising them because they want what they are selling. They both have their wants. The man, sex. The woman, money. No one is doing anyone a favour

OKON: Now I see why all of you are shouting. I’m deeper than all of you. That’s why when I interprett you people did not understand and you’re shouting. I am deep than all of you. A MAN IS DOING AN ASHAWO FAVOUR THROUGH PATRONIZATION.

SEGUN: Oh so you really believe that all the people who have lashed back at your videos on this issue aren’t as intelligent or logical as you are?

OKON: Of course. That is why all of you are shouting. Am deeper than all of you. There is no point chatting with people that are not deep enough to understand me. Pls I need to go. My PM is waiting for me.

SEGUN: Okay. Thank you for your time.

*****If you believe this exchange truly occurred, then you should know that President Muhammadu Buhari has decided to step aside and let Atiku Abubakar be sworn in as Nigeria’s president on June 12.

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