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Juliana Olayode’s Hymen Is My Business & I’m So Angry At Her That It Does Not Exist!

Juliana Olayode aka Toyo baby does not have a hymen.

She hasn’t had one in five years and we’re so mad.

How dare she? How can she not have the precious gift of the vagina?

The key to our society’s high moral standard kingdom. The answer to our country’s problems? The answer to many people’s happiness? How dare she not be a virgin?

Before you start hurling things in my direction, Toyo Baby made her sexuality my business long ago.

So I, like many people (you can join us if you want) can talk about it.

We can discuss her hymen and even she dares not tell us to stop.

Question though, is how did we get here?

Like many Nigerian celebrities, lil Miss Juliana did not know where/when to stop.

Sex is a huge part of showbiz everywhere in the world, so it was interesting to see someone insist on a certain image like Juliana did.

She didn’t want to be sexualized. She didn’t want us to see her as a sex symbol.

But she goofed, because then, we all did.

Here’s the mistake Juliana made; she told us a little too much.

Let’s briefly discuss one celebrity who has managed to keep her personal life lowkey for so many years – Genevieve Nnaji.

Genny has been in the Industry for what, 20 years now? And in those years, she has not given us as little as a sneak peek into her personal life; something many people will die to know, you’d agree.

Many things have been speculated about Genny, including that interesting detail about her butt hole – having anal sex with former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar.

However, all those things remained speculations.

Because Genny never bothered to discuss her sexual life/personal life.

The problem with taking a stand sexually (either sexual purity/sexual liberty) is that people will think of you when sex is thought about in Nollywood.

When Cossy brought her big breasts into our lives through our TV screens even though we did absolutely nothing to deserve that, we thought about her when we thought sex. When we saw her, we saw her breasts before her acting.

Same with Juliana, who unlike Cossy, has a career that doesn’t span up to 12 hours if put together.

Juliana hadn’t reached a height in her career where she’s known for her acting when she started her sexual purity stance.

Now, while this is NOT  problem – anyone is allowed to take whatever stance they want – Ms Olayode should know she cannot just decide to ‘unlie’ about her hymen.

You told us it exists more than once, you insisted you were waiting till marriage – all these things we never asked, so forgive us when we ask questions.

Forgive us when we become extremely confused when you tell us you told a lie you didn’t even have to tell.

Forgive us when we give you the side eye and refuse to take you seriously when you took the front stage, discussing issues you could have very well refused to.

Like most celebs in Nigeria, Juliana did not know when to stop telling us things that are none of our business.

And that is why I’m so angry the one thing I cared about her for i.e the hymen, does not exist.

How dare she?!



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