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What We Learned From Tope Oshin’s “Amaka’s Kin” Trailer

Yesterday, Nollywood director, producer and writer, Tope Oshin released the trailer of her documentary, Amaka’s Kin: The Women of Nollywood.

Dedicated to the memory of the late Nigerian amazon filmmaker and TV mogul, Amaka Igwe (1963-2014), Amaka’s Kin chronicles the journey and challenges of female directors working within the Nigerian Motion Picture Industry popularly known as Nollywood.

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It features Mildred Okwo, Michelle Bello, Stephanie Linus, Omoni Oboli, Blessing Effiom Egbe, Pat Oghre Imobhio, Jadesola Osiberu, Adeola Osunkojo, Dolapo Lowladee Adeleke, Belinda Yanga Agedah, Ema Edosio and Tope Oshin.

Here’s what we learned from the trailer:

  1. Tope is a brilliant storyteller. Well, it is not that we didn’t know this previously. But one look at this trailer is enough to remind whoever amongst us must have forgotten. The trailer is two minutes of good storytelling which has us eagerly anticipating the main course.
  2. Amaka’s Kin looks very well shot and edited. Good pictures and nicely composed shots. Documentaries such as these are not quite action-based. So, apart from how the individual stories are connected to make the much bigger collective one, the composition of shots and choice of archival materials to go along contribute to how successful a documentary is. As far as we can tell, these ingredients have been well added to make this film worth the buzz.
  3. The earlier Nollywood pays women the attention it deserves, the better for it. The director said in a recent interview with TNS that there is still a certain level of humouring female directors as being “cute”. This is true, especially with directors. Female actors too are still being largely seen as materials used to “garnish” films and movie sets. Women are more than that and the industry will do well in granting its females the respect, decorum and honour it does the men.

Watch the trailer below:

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