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Lowladee’s ‘This Is It’, The Show That Almost Has The X Factor

Dolapo ‘Lowladee’ Adeleke’s ‘This Is It‘ is one of the most watched web series on Youtube in Nigeria.

The reason is quite simple – it’s captivating. The Writer/Director/Producer who is also the show’s creator has figured out a way to hold her audience. And that, if nothing else, makes her deserving of endless applause.

For Lowladee, this is a show she seems to have figured out from the beginning to the end. A show with which she knows what she’s doing.

And that’s what makes me wonder how she didn’t know when things went wrong.

This Is It tells the story of newlyweds, Tomide ‘Tee’ (Nick Mutuma) & Dede (Chiagoziem Nwakanma) in the very early stages of their marriage. Actually, we meet these two fresh out of honeymoon. Their differences, chores and blow jobs are some of the issues we see them handle in this very young marriage.

You see, that is usually a beautiful premise, for the audience which Lowladee seeks. Especially since she’s running this show with two extremely attractive leads who look and act their parts.

A dash of gorgeousness, a jar of sexiness, sprinkle of beautiful apartments, just enough oyinbo accent and an appealing opening/closing montage is what Lowladee uses in preparing this meal.

And maybe that is the problem – you see, from the music to the nice montage and fine cast, the Writer of this show seems to toss in the Lagoon the most important aspect of her show; story/structure.

This Is It starts well on that note and totally loses it before it even gets midway. Right in the second episode, the story rudely shocks by steering off the highway of the premise it promised and pushes another couple in the front seat.

All of a sudden, we’re watching the lives of Tee & Dede’s family friends’ Sam & Kerry and how Tee and Dede solve their overwhelming issues.

Just like that, it subtly becomes about others and not about the main guys.

In the coming episodes, storylines get jumbled and sometimes issues end before the episode is over, leaving the Show’s Writer no other choice but to throw in random sometimes unrelated issues at her characters.

Before the show ends, one begins to see more drama in the lives of Kerry and Sam than the beloved characters; Tee and Dede.

And the reason is crystal clear – Kerry and Sam have been given more to do than the main leads. I mean, who can resist drama of adultery, a possible baby as a result of an adulterous affair, a pesky hot ex with mad ass history and an horny wife who isn’t getting the D enough? Who?

It doesn’t make it any easier that Bimbo Ademoye who plays Kerry is a show stealer and easily steals every scene she’s in with the female lead, Chiagoziem Nwakanma and keeps making me wonder why she was never considered by the Show’s producer as Dede.

Bimbo Ademoye plays ‘Kerry’ on Lowladee’s This Is It

By the time the show reaches its 6th episode, you begin to wonder what is going on. Why did Tomide travel out of a city after having a food/chore argument with his wife? Just to go and eat? He risked Lagos/Ibadan expressway to go and whine to mummy in Ibadan? He was established as a husband who cleans and helps in the house, why couldn’t he cook and the issue with his wife settled? It’s Ibadan not Ikorodu, he can’t just vex and leave an entire city because food. Why wasn’t a work trip tied to the journey if he just had to take it? Everything seems scattered and the tone almost disrupted at this point. And it seemed this storyline just had to be stretched to cover the entire episode.

But Nick Mutuma’s acting and his fine face keeps half its audience (proof is in the comment section on Youtube) going and soothed our raging nerves. Bimbo Ademoye and her hot self is also a good addition ( I mean I’d marry her character to Nick’s in my dreams!)

And that is half of what matters.

However, I hope season 2 gets the story arcs better and gets a better structure because this show has too much potential to sleep on the story angle.

Too much.

Watch the 1st season of This Is It below;



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