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#NETat7: 7 times NET owned the Internet


When you are big, you are big.

As we turn seven, we thought to send a shout out and remind everyone of our awesomeness… you’re welcome!

1. When Da Grin died and were the first to break the news

2. When NET proved so successful it had to be hacked by folks who missed the ‘how to hack into the FBI website’ module, so they settled for the next best thing …us!

Like the FBI, we do not negotiate with terrorists, so we refused to pay the $1200 ‘ransom’ demanded. Even when the poor hackers started begging for $900, we simply moved to our current domain and with your help, continued to succeed. Because #NobodyGotTimeForThat

3. When NET (sadly) got the scoop on music producer OJB, two days before he died.

We had pursued this interview for at least a week. It proved ominous, and we still miss OJB.

4. When Peter P-Square decided he would only speak to us, because we’re lit AF.

Not much needs to be said, only two words: WORLD. EXCLUSIVE.

5. When NET posted a piece of shade about its own CEO, which had ‘over 5k Microsoft words.’ Ouch!

Basically, the ‘interviewer’ had some choice words for our CEO Ayeni Adekunle but…far be it from us to miss a chance to publicise some juicy gist…even if it involves the Boss!

6. When Facebook came through with a global thumbs-up for NET

Yeah, even we never hesperrerit when Facebook gave NET a veritable endorsement by choosing NET as the only Nigerian entertainment portal to pilot additions to its social plugins. We still can’t believe it, too, right.

7. When our CEO released that Bobrisky statement that fooled you all into thinking he was moving with the crowd. #Wokeness

On 27 October, Ayeni Adekunle said something to the effect that he wanted to pull out of a New Media Conference…until people read properly and realised he was saying he wanted to be front and center to listen to Snapchat king Bobrisky. Hurray for the concept of #LiveAndLetLive.



This post first appeared on NET.

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