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6 Nollywood Films Will Open This Month, But Here’s Why “God Calling” & “Kasala” Excite Me Most – (by @SegunOdejimi)




We wept and our tears went up to heaven. God heard our cries and sent Kemi Adetiba to begin the process that would end our suffering.

For many of us who consume Nollywood, the first eight months of 2018 were filled with visual torture. It felt like the directors of those “films” were on a mission to reduce our IQs. But then, God heard our ‘wailings’ and sent Kemi Adetiba first. Her King of Boys was really watchable. It still divides opinion among critics but regardless of what side of the divide you are, you cannot deny Adebita’s ambition in the film.

With King of Boys, Adetiba also further blew to smithereens the myth that only romantic comedies lure Nigerians to the cinema. Her film, a political thriller, has made money too. It reportedly crossed the 160 million Naira mark at the end of November. In context, only the two Wedding Party installments and A Trip to Jamaica have made more if these figures are to be believed.

This final month of 2018, SIX films have been advertised for release. And going by their trailers, the despair we faced in the first 8 months will not resurface (amen). Tope Oshin’s Up NorthDare Olaitan’s Knockout Blessing, Ema Edosio’s Kasala, Niyi Akinmolayan’s Chief Daddy, BB Sasore’s God Calling and Izu Ojukwu’s Power of 1 all look fine. Enough to make up forget most of the dross we got fed earlier this year? I believe so.

These directors are, at least, aware of what they are doing, judging by their previous works. Ojukwu and Olaitan made arguably two of the best Nollywood films in recent years in ’76 and Ojukokoro.

After watching the trailers of these six films we are expecting this month, God Calling and Kasala excite me most. And here’s why.

Kasala tells the story of four young men who try to find a solution to a problem within 5 hours by exploring every avenue known to them. The attraction in this film is first, the lease of fresh air Mike Afolarin, Chimezie Imo and Nwagbaraocha Emeka bring to this. Leave the star-studded, glitzy productions to EbonyLife. We’ll have this.

These new actors bring freshness to our screens and their bond is perhaps more than established actors, who are stars in their own right, can provide. Perhaps  I say.

Second, is the journey of adrenaline rush this film takes the viewer, as seen from the trailer. It’s easy here to pick a favourite of the four boys and worry on his behalf in the race to solve the big problem. The caper-feel of this is like that of Ojukokoro, and coincidentally, both films had their premieres at the Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF).

The film’s pace, same tricky artistic element Olaitan nailed on in his 2016 film, is perhaps the biggest selling point of Edosio’s Kasala.

The other film I can’t wait for is God Calling. BB Sasore made Banana Island Ghost in 2017, a film heavy on the technical but not-so-great on the story front. Now, he has picked a faith-based story for her new flick. We know how these faith-based shizzles usually pan out: Good stories ruined by preachiness and bad production.

God Calling looks like good story that shouldn’t be worried about preachiness and bad production. If anything, Sasore has shown us that production is nothing more than child’s play for him.

This shouldn’t be preachy too, I hope. From the trailer, it doesn’t look like it will be. But if it does end up being preachy, then, as you were all! But seriously though, the only fear I harbour from watching the trailer above is Karibi Fubara. I hope he doesn’t get dragged by Zainab Balogun’s acting. Zainab’s performances look like they are becoming really better by the day and she looks like she is growing into a monster performer. So, anyone who is paired with her these days has a job to do.

God Calling explores faith, hope, healing, and hearing from God and it is set for a December 21 release. Kasala will be released on December 7.

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Written by Segun Odejimi

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Trained as a media/theatre artist and has worked in advertising, TV and radio.