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Nollywood: Old Stars, New Roles


Twenty-three years after Nollywood came into being, there are still a few things many don’t agree on; chief of which is the moniker Nollywood itself.

The simple question: ‘How did the name come about?’ throws up at least three names. So, who should take credit for the coinage and first usage of Nollywood? Jonathan Haynes who in a 2005 article cited an earlier mention of Nollywood by New York Times reporter Matt Steinglass in 2002?

Or Norimitsu Onishi who others also believe coined Nollywood in 2002?

More than the name, some stakeholders don’t like that Nigeria’s film making history pre-Nollywood has been subsumed into Nollywood as if no film had been made before Kenneth Nnebue shot his film Living in Bondage in 1992.

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